> Which notes app do you use for tracking threads?
Ulysses (MacOS) - for all writing, in Markdown. Notes articles books webpages cloud content whatever. Great Ui, with a wonderfully flexible internal file system.

> pinafore beats the "main" UI
In fact I rather like the old UI. I keep it permanently open in a laptop tab. The blue-on-black isn't a great choice for legibility. But I like the parallel panes. Maybe bcos I also live in federated wiki!
I use the Pinafore UI more on the iPad

I have Trout fishing :-) not signed :-(
But not everything Whole Earth is old . .

. . just learned David Bollier has produced a Whole Earth Catalog of commoning: The commoners' catalog for changemaking. Due out in the US this month, in Europe Jan/Feb. Published by Schumacher Center/Chelsea Green.

Watch this space. Here's a taster: cloud.owncube.com/s/C7PfcK6WMP

@neil @nicksellen

Have listened to David Cayley now - a Must Listen! Commons, limits, subsistence, vernacular capability. Lots on institutions, not a lot on tools! Although, Whole Earth Catalog gets a mention!
@nicksellen @bhaugen

Definitely for listening, thanks. In 2005 Cayley edited late conversations with Illich, as "The rivers north of the future". A little esoteric, but essential for understanding what Illich was really on about.
@nicksellen @bhaugen

Anki looks good to me thanks.
Great handbook, lots of references to language learning. A card-format UI. Highly configurable, at the tag/flag/field/style level. Runs on Linux/Windows/MacOS.

Downloading and installing now.

Thanks to all who boosted and responded. 'The answer' only took 60min to emerge - good ol fediverse.

Geek alert - SQLite 

Thanks. I've tagged Datasette for future reference. For now, I'm going with flashcards in Anki, well focused for language learning.

Many thanks. I did look at Airtable and it seems to be entirely corporate/workgroup oriented. It does have templates, but for marketing/corporate-type functions. Diving into its workings didn't seem worthwhile.

Indeed spreadsheets are pretty good general tools. But I hate the endless scrolling grid and limited format options. Something using a card metaphor for the UI will be ideal I think.

Stop press: sqlitebrowser.org looks like a great pointer, thanks💚

Best resources for me were:
- friends/collaborators to talk to & follow, whose @ tags are known
- 'copy link to toot' option in the toot hamburger footer menu, for sharing outside the fediverse
- Pinafore version of the UI (browser tab and Firefox sidebar versions)
- text editor, for writing messages several toots long
- markdown app for clipping worthwhile threads into - the <Favorites> function and thread display within Mastodon are hopeless for tracking long-running exchanges

Geek alert - SQLite 

Does anyone have hints for finding ready-configured front-ends for SQLite databases?

I want to accumulate a personal database of English<>Italian vocabulary, grammatical forms and synonyms/antonyms. I'm unwilling to use a spreadsheet for this (hate 'em) so seem to be forced down the path of SQLite. Ouch.

I'm working in the MacOS ecosystem. And am not a programmer.

meet.coop commons.hour
A special session - rather than a speaker-led presentation, this is a hands-on workshop.

Participants in the session will create a first-cut mapping of contributions within the political economy of meet.coop (a multistakeholder coop, a provider of digital infratructure, a stack of three kinds of commons).

13 December 2021 (Second Monday - The normal fourth Monday session is suspended for December.)

meet.coop commons.hour
A survey on contribution accounting
Friends and followers of meet.coop, do please complete this?

Others too may like to think on the framing of contributions, venues & relationships in a multistakeholder coop-commons. Seems the standard DisCO frame - livelihhod/care/love work - can't be directly taken over bcos the nature of the underlying production differs. Thus principles must be adopted/adapted, rather than just sticking the language on?

@neil @yala
Just clocking my interest in this conversation :) Interested in the mention above, of @Stacco (tacitly, DisCO) and wiki. Would be interesting to be working in that intersection.

Thanks, yes. Silke had material in German that I was (am) unable to directly use. And some of her wiki pages seem now to not work properly, or be missing - don't understand this.

However - I now have a connection witb the Commons Insitiute (based in Germany and German language initiatives) that I didn't previously have.

Death moves in mysterious ways to promote continuing life? Thank you Silke
@yala @neil

meet.coop commons.hour session #3
The structure and the struggle - Viable coop organisation and contributions to transition in society
Presented by: Jaime Villarreal, Natalie Brenner, May First Movement Technology

Discussion and post-session links (including video recording of the session)

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commons.hour @ meet.coop today 18:00 UTC. Details here

Natalie & Jaime of MayFirst Movement Technology are leading off today

@bhaugen @Matt_Noyes
I don't think I accept rule #8. 'Analysing' at its best is conceptualising, and conceptualising is creating/shaping/making.

Depends on just what 'creating' means. Some kinds of creating are distinct from conceptualising, for sure. Dancing, singing, working with materials, storytelling, remodelling a landscape, cultivating a relationship, enacting a role, etc. These might be distinct from conceptualising - or they might weave with it.

'The generative dance of knowing'

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