📣 We're happy to share w/ the fediverse our new website:

We tried hard to communicate the vision and the motivations that nurture bonfire ecosystem. We also included new technical guides to setup and configure a new instance, to play with it or contribute to the development.
Any feedback is welcome :)

#bonfire #showcase #fediverse


Thanks to Rocco Lombardi (behance.net/roccolombardi), who created the amazing illustrations in the homepage.

And thanks to @dajbelshaw for his constant help and precious feedback on the information architecture.
Thanks to @humanetech who keeps us in the loop and all the humans, animals and bots who are happy to engage with us and are patiently waiting for our first release. ✊🔥

@bonfire @dajbelshaw

Thanks. What a beauty of a site, I love it 💎 and I adore Rocco's artwork too 💖

Congratulations on all the wonderful work you've done in the #Bonfire project thus far. It is truly inspiring!


Further congratulations on the website launch - it's good to see this project settling.

A boost for (tools for) conviviality (linked from the Bonfire home page)
Such a central focus and commitment. We're taking it up in meet.coop too, as part of our orientation to design justice and activist formaciòn in the mutual sector. It's work in progress
@dajbelshaw @humanetech

@mike_hales @dajbelshaw @humanetech
Indeed Ivan illich is one of the many bonfire source of inspiration :)

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