@bhaugen @disco_coop Starting some documentation @ Was going to try gitBook but account login is not working. D'you know gitBook? Are there similar options? I need something hyperlinked, clean navigation (chapters, sidebar unfolding hierarchy), markdown, collaborative.
D'you know what tool DisCO uses? Or who I should ask about this?
The DisCO Handbook link at
is empty. Documentation at DisCO seems pretty confusing right now, it used to be clearer.

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I've got enough material to go on for the moment with the Disco Manifesto (80 pages) and Ours to Hack and Own (252 pages) 😮 (note that second book is actually copyright although individual authors' contributions are Creative Commons) Licensed)

When co-read Ours to Hack & to Own in 2018, I felt it was a pretty mixed book. Some lovely insightful well-formed contributions. And some just boilerplate, or marginal, or plain confused. State of the art in digital infrastructuring, I guess. Probably hasn't improved a whiole lot since then?
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In principle yes. But right now, maybe cafe/quarterly strategy plus code of conduct review are as much as the traffic will bear?
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I really enjoyed the two book discussions I participated in in the reading group early on (Jackson Rising and Eleanor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals).

Sadly I think life got in the way at some point and I didn't attend after that.

I'd like to again, though.

In general it feels like a nice low(ish) effort way of building community.

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Hello! @CaitlinWaddick
I'm not sure if I'll be able to get this book. Would this video with Horowitz be a place to start?

@CaitlinWaddick I watched the video, but the conversation is more about "going back to our roots" with historical examples of mutualism - trades unions, New Deal, credit unions, underground railway. I think it could help if you could pick out from the book the parts about the effects of the internet. Personally I don't think there's anything new about precarious work (what they call the "gig economy") but that's the sort of question I think potentially wants to address.

@mattcropp @CaitlinWaddick @mike_hales @johnkuti @bhaugen @disco_coop @emi @neil @GuerillaOntologist Ordered it yesterday, definitely up for a conversation. That said, I am finding Beatrice and Sidney Webb's book on Consumer Cooperativism surprisingly contemporary and worth discussion...

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Oh and the Disco Manifesto is just the first part of a trilogy. Part two (Elements) begins with a quotation from Matt Noyes...

Thanks, I've accessed those in the past. Right now I hope for toolstack info, on DisCO/GT's preferred documentation tools. It's mediawiki I think. But I'm looking for something book-like. Navigation in mediawiki leaves things to be desired.
DisCO mediawiki seems half broken or empty right now :( Custom interface is visually lacking and partly broken. And not linked from the Mothership site. A bit uninspiring and unhelpful, collaboration-toolwise.
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The and Guerilla media collective wikis both seem to be mediawiki (specifically, the Tweeki theme

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