I found this document by @mike_hales in the p2p foundation wiki entry for social.coop loomio-uploads.s3.amazonaws.co ... I can see the overall logic, but I'd love to see all these references and ideas spread out and explained in a wiki, or maybe discussed again in office hour/community cafe.


Blast from the past! I think all those thoughts arising from co-reading 'To hack and to own' in 2018 are still relevant in social.coop. Posing a question: what larger ambitions for community and infrastructure might there be here?
This past year, meet.coop is where my own thinking about such things has been going on, so my vision of social.coop is a little on the back burner right now. I wonder what others from 2018 think, re such widening-out?
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Part 1 of 3

A couple of responses, one to those notes from the past, and one to the questions for the future.

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Part 2 of 3
Re notes from the past:
I think of "platform co-ops" as the co-op version of FB, Twitter, Uber, etc, where everything happens in one centralized service. While you could think of social.coop that way, since it is part of the fediverse, and I interact with it both as a member of social.coop and also from my personal pub at bob.mikorizal.org, the potentials for social.coop are somewhat different from the usual platform co-op.

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Part 3 of 3:

Re widening out:
I think that needs to happen via "real-world" cooperatives internetworking themselves, maybe fostering worker co-ops to deal with some of their requirements that they now buy from capitalist businesses. Ie, grow more of that cooperative-commons economy.

Then economic pubs in the fediverse could facilitate their economic network activities. And social.coop might be a good place to organize the internetworking.

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