What platforms would you suggest for wiki hosting? Including system admin service. And a solid, easy to use wiki content admin interface?

Also for website writing (and hosting), with tools as good as, say, Wix? And a reasonable though not extravagant selection of templates.

I sense ppl may be favouring Miraheze for wiki hosting.
Myself I want to exploit fedwiki every way I can. My way of progress calls for 'a chorus of voices' fedwiki-style, rather than a wiki-style consensus. @switchingsoftware maybe add fedwiki to your tools list?
The main thing I might want to collectively author would be pattern language. I doubt Mediawiki is the best medium for that, and I wait in hope that a specialised pattern language platform will emerge @dilgreen

@mike_hales @switchingsoftware as a wiki engine maintainer and user I’d be interested to know, too. All I know these days is specific wikis (all of them single installations) and some wiki farms dedicated to role playing games: Obsidian Portal, Epic Words; and wikia, but I don’t know about a non-ads version. Perhaps they have a paid service?

Hi @kensanata and @mike_hales 🙂

Sadly, I don't know any wiki hosting providers. 🙁 I only know of some #wiki software, that might be of interest:

#BookStack 📚

#WikiJs 🌐

I will boost it, maybe someone knows a provider for these (or similar) projects 💻

Thanks for this pointer, I’ll check ‘em out :)
Does anyone have user experience of Miraheze? What’s the experience like? How tech d’you have to be, to operate a wiki at Miraheze? How are they governed? Are they in it for the long haul? How long-term stable is their operating model? I will look for such answers in their info.
@kensanata @switchingsoftware

It amazes me that prosocial volunteer ventures like Miraheze (or for that matter) seem to assume enthusiasm & goodwill of providers is enough to make users comfortable when considering investing time and precious labour in building on their infrastructure - whether it be relationships and ongoing conversations, or mounds of wiki content.
Is Miraheze even a coop? Does it offer any governance role for users? I don’t think so. Watch this space.
@kensanata @switchingsoftware

If miraheze goes under, as some other wiki farms have done, the previous dying wiki farms have given notice. And you can export your miraheze wiki and re-import it elsewhere.

@a_cat @kensanata @switchingsoftware

I don't know if it's ppl, or just us. But Mediawiki and Fedwiki are very different experiences.
We'll see if Miraheze-Mediawiki works for our local group. So far, some interest, but two and only two editors.
One guy tried to register for an editor account and failed. So even that step is too much for some people.

@switchingsoftware @dilgreen

La Farge wiki is populated with a load of topics currently lacking pages. I guess these emerged from group brainstorms? Looks quite fearsome! Myself, I might be discouraged from participating unless I had been an originator of those lists? And had time & energy to draft at least ten pages! But I understand the democratic imlpulse that leads to posting them all as a starting point. Not easy to bootstrap? Maybe, partition the topics, make the top level look simpler? Fingers crossed 👏

IMO Mediawiki, not fedwiki, is definitely the right hunch here. And money-free hosting and sys admin service are appropriate, for sure (hoping Miraheze continues for many years, more fingers crossed!)

> I guess these emerged from group brainstorms?

One list was generated at a F2F meeting, another was suggested in an email to the group mailing list.

> Maybe, partition the topics, make the top level look simpler?

Good ideas! At this stage, we're waiting for the next F2F meeting when people want a demo and intro to participating. I'll raise those ideas as questions.

And we'll see if anybody wants to draft some pages...


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