I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

Here's a thing I wrote two summers back, around Zuckerberg's manifest ambitions, ravages of neoliberal finance capital and the everyday story of class war in the lovely West Sussex landscape. On the 100th anniversary of the Soviet Revolution!
@matslats @dilgreen

The website
is larded with colourful images of strong looking African women in markets. Heads up, sisters, market traders, smartphone users . . Zuckerberg was checking you out, in Nairobi in his executive jet a couple of years back, and the storm is now officially headed your way. Is this where the head-to-head conflict between Silicon Valley capital and Chinese capital will spark from?
@matslats @dilgreen

@mike_hales @matslats
Have either of you come across the Blockchain Socialist podcast? It has some fantastic interviews with people who approach blockchain technology with a commons approach, rather than individualist, goldbug one.
Like this one with Brett Scott:

#BlockchainSocialist #BrettScott

Are you working on any blockchain-related projects at present @matslats ? If so, an interview on theBlockchainSocialist podcast could well be worthwhile.

@theblockchainsocialist Here's an example of Matt presenting (starts 1:30 into the video):

@mike_hales @

Libracoin was an unmitigated disaster. Facebook devs can't build anything people want. Their success comes for their acquisitions. So we all just have to keep them from acquiring any functioning payment/currency platforms

@olamina @mike_hales
I don't think we can stop facebook from doing anything. It should be possible however to build an alternative payments/ money network that cannot be co-opted. See

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