"Some time ago I heard a well-known economist reply, when asked about solidarity economy, that while it is necessary for there to exist as much solidarity as possible, it mustn’t interfere with the structures and processes of the economy, for fear of affecting the basic equilibria. Our idea of solidarity economy is the exact opposite: there should be so much solidarity that it transforms the economy from within, structurally, generating new and authentic equilibria. "



@Matt_Noyes “transforms the economy from within” ?
Well, no? Actually, transforms the economy from another place altogether, a place of implacable opposition, of radical otherness, of insurrection. Yes, these places are ‘within’ ordinary humane, human life and work and aspiration. But that in itself makes them irrevocably ‘outside’ capitalist economy, which is nothing but cancerously-accumulating money. ‘Basic equilibria’ are not available, crisis is all that is possible.

@mike_hales Hi Mike! Hope all is well.

This is from a passage in which Razeto is challenging the idea that solidarity is external to economy and can only supplement or correct injustices through redistribution. Razeto's idea is production with solidarity, distribution with solidarity,
investment with solidarity, etc. Like Marx in the Grundrisse, Razeto sees solidarity at the heart of capitalist economy -- radically othered and subordinated -- but indispensable and full of potential.

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