Today I found videos of the presentations from 'Sowing the Seeds', the 2018 #PlatformCooperatives conference in #HongKong. Here's the playlist for day 1:


Day 1 of Sowing the Seeds started off with a big picture overview by Michel Bauwens of the #P2PFoundation, and sociologist scholar and labour activist Professor Pun Ngai from the University of Hong Kong. She set out to place the #PlatformCooperative movement in the context of the Chinese socialist revolution, and I'm looking forward to rewatch this video and try to understand more deeply what she was arguing:

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@strypey Good to have this thank u. D'you have a link for Michel's recorded talk? I'm having trouble navigating the site - hadn't previously found Pun Ngai's talk.

On a different plane, there are echoes of her theme in this audioslide presentation I did with a Chinese scholar (in a quite different field) earlier this year, trying to figure 'the 3rd radical science movement' - in China? And connect with P2P-commons.
Some context is sketched here


@strypey Yes Pun Ngai needs viewing twice! Says China is incomplete 'commonist' revolution, to be completed. Just so. But seems to still hold to 'the book' of Marx/Lenin/Mao on revolution, withering State (how!), class war. Seems old fashioned & doctrinaire to this post-post-Fordist Western socialist! Pivotally, she describes China as hugely working class (compare middle class West). Thus, strategies might be 'old' ones? Complex resonance here with Western solidarity economy perspective. Mmmnn

@mike_hales my reaction to Professor Pun's talk was similar, I did wonder if she's trying to work within the acceptable bounds of political history in China. Except that I would characterise the Chinese revolution as an anti-colonial nationalist one, clothed in "socialist" and "communist" rhetoric, which is why it's been able to pivot towards a market capitalist economy so smoothly post-Mao.

@strypey Her holding of Marxism-Leninism-Mao-Tse-Tung Thought does seem odd. But her reminder that China has the largest and most brutally driven working class forces in the the post-Fordist world is probably worth reckoning with! 'Uneven development,' and then some!

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