It's finally here! Version 0.1 of #WriteFreely, the federated, open source version of @write_as 🎉

Get the release for your platform here:

Then head over to our guide to get set up:

It would be great if there were just a bit of formatting in -. . you know, like Markdown? The very plain very vanilla approach is a bit spartan for me . . I'm used to producing documents, not streams of 'pure content'.

looks a little more interesting . . I would be very glad to see the back of Evernote. Though there too, formatting matters. In the kind of work I do, writing without formatting isn't writing. Posted a comment on this at

@mike_hales @write_as Thanks for the input, that's great to know! does support Markdown though :) And MathJax, if you enable it in your blog settings.


@matt My mistake about Markdown thanks. Must check again :)

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