I just signed up for this free on , run by Univeristy of , starts 8th Jan: edx.org/course/economic-democr

"Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative
Could a cooperative market economy, in which firms are owned and controlled by their workers, be a viable and efficient alternative to capitalism?"

Unfortunately cooperativism is an economic project without any associated political project, so history has already borne out that the answer to this question is clearly NO.

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Market Anarchism, Market Socialism, Libertarian Socialism (Anarcho-syndicalism and others) seem to be closely related with the coop movement.

Mondragón and CNT in Spain are quite strong nowadays.

As far as I have seen, there is no distinct political project associated with Mondragon. This is a good read about their recent failures and system flaws truth-out.org/news/item/19704-

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Interesting article. Alperovitz++. The authors seem to include coops as *part* of a potential solution.

"There is nothing inherently wrong with [new system based on cooperative ownership]; far from it, the principle is one to be advanced and supported. The question of interest, however [...] is whether trusting in open market competition is a sufficient answer to the problem of longer-term systemic design."

Yes I agree they are PART of a solution. Too many people are lazer focused on it as a solution to the exclusion of the harder work to be done building true political power. History has repeatedly shown that coops without a radical political project are not revolutionary.

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In fact many of these cooperatives have served to reproduce the very nefarious social outcomes they claimed they opposed.


Your article here also interesting:

Further references and more specific criticisms welcomed, particularly if relevant to the aforementioned MOOC.



Overall I agree, coops alone not sufficient. My feeling:

- "The Corporation" (book/film) had an insight: institutional designs shape the world, and trumps morals of (replaceable) individuals within.
- Top-down joint-stock (IT) companies toxic as designed, both on personal and global level.
- Our financial/economic system also riddled with systemic badness. (Money accumulates, etc.)



Hence I am searching for more benign institutional replacements/economic tools to belive in.

Motiviated not just by questions of fairness or idealism, but also that, whether politically left or right, our systemic growth imperative leads to ecocide, collapse. Thresholds are being crossed as of now, and may accelerate out of control soon.


@wu_lee @fabianhjr I highly recommend checking out #GarAlperovitz and the Democracy Collaborative's Next System Project thenextsystem.org/ I especially enjoy the podcast; people are presenting some very innovative ideas there


@kavbojka @fabianhjr @wu_lee Alperowitz seems interesting yes but his 'Next System' isn't what pops up first when accessing Democracy Collaborative. That seems much more compromised, with 'progressive business' quite prominent? And to a Brit, it seems Alperowitz is constantly needing to seem 'American', pussyfooting around the faith in 'business'? That's the name of the game, maybe? P2P Federation, for example, also accepts the DC notion of 'generative' vs 'extractive' business - as a tactic?

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