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When workers drink the because they get half the everyone in the EU automatically get, and loyally defend their employers in the their effort to further damage the social fabric 🤦🏻

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Are we surprised when tech billionaires announce grandiose climate pledges, only to not follow through?

Sadly I'm not surprised Bezos' fund apparently didn't make a single investment one full season after they promised to. And the total sum promised, $10b, is only 5% of his net wealth, so given billionaires pay so little tax it arguably is not even his rightful money

Private Equity Is Ruining Health Care, Covid Is Making It Worse -

When even a business publication is calling out firms for making the really bad US system even worse, you know things are really bad.

I wonder if there's a good way to check who owns which practices?

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At what point should we say enough is enough, and recognize that private equity firms are practicing rapacious capitalism and ban them all?

A fascinating between the side arguing that we need to ditch to mitigate , and those arguing it needs deep reform.

Not going to spoil the result for those who want to tune in, but it's worth noting that neither side think business as usual would solve the problem. Especially US-style

Can't believe I haven't watched this documentary before today. If only there are more Robert Reichs and less Rubins in government...

It's really creepy how big business influence grow so rapidly since the 70s. The system needs major changes - we should regulate against big companies, both to avoid regulatory capture but more importantly to achieve economic and social justice

If there is a growing intuition that people have had over the past decade, it is that capitalism no longer ensures our collective happiness or individual well-being. One reason Hägglund’s book has been received so well is because of the interest in post-capitalist futures. “The book definitely became timelier as I was writing it,” he says.

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Just got blasted with a ad on the other network and blocked them. Boy that feels better than I expected

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