@nw it's incredible that China is at such a loss of what to do that they're are resorting to this. China is the pettiest 'superpower'. They must surely feel threatened by the HK protests.

@tootbrute @nw it's sad, but on the other hand I'm not sure what would happen if Cathay Pacific said no.

Note that it has cross-ownership with the mainland Air China airline too.

@michel_slm true. the only way to stand up to a bully is to stand up with everybody.

if every airline said screw you China, what are they going to do? ban all airlines not owned by CCP?

China divides and conquers by threatening to withhold $$$ (or opportunity to make money) in or with China. so far it's working. individual states are letting themselves get bullied by China.


@tootbrute you might find this column interesting (by Michael Schuman, the author of Confucius and the World He Created).

An interesting view, pointing out the similarities between China's reaction in HK and its handling of the trade war (to which many Western media paradoxically side with China because of the way Trump mishandles the escalations).

Hong Kong Shows the Flaws in China’s Zero-Sum Worldview theatlantic.com/international/

@michel_slm great article. Highlights why they aren't a "normal" country and don't act logically as most 1st world capitalist society's do. Especially this zero sum negotiating tactics. China is still bitter over opium was grievances with "the West" and feels it's their time to be a 'superpower'.

Thanks for the link.


China policy in HK:

the beatings will continue, until morale increases

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