Going through the messy process of trying to come up with company values at the start up org where I currently work. Anyone have good resources on and ? Of course I'm coming in strong with the vibes and I'd love to convert my team ;)

@michaelafisher Hi Michaela,

You have @richdecibels piece and @GeorgeCheney's book on your list, right? Some of the Tools for Emergent Strategy Facilitation by adrienne maree brown might be useful? You might want to ask them directly.

I also recommend Razeto's book Creacion de Empresas Asociativas y Solidarias, which is a hands-on manual for creating a cooperative business that stresses the "grupo solidario."

Others? @Manuela @anaulin @mattcropp @appleseed

@Matt_Noyes @michaelafisher

Two ideas come up:

* Decide on process to regularly retrospect and update the values and articulation. At least once a year, likely more frequently to start. You'll need iteration.

* For each value, be explicit about what you say no to (what are you willing to sacrifice). Ex: if you value building a diverse team, then you choose more work on mutual understanding and accommodation; you say no to the easily harmonious team that a monoculture would bring.

@Matt_Noyes ooh these are great suggestions! I've read a zine of emergent strategy but maybe I should check out the full book.

And then do you have links for the @richdecibels and @GeorgeCheney pieces?

And I'll check out Razeto's book! Great spanish practice as well

@bob I really like that. And the source. I'll add it to our list!

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