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We lost another great artist today.

Mac Miller & Thundercat performing "What's The Use" on NPR Tiny Desk Concert

I always thought the Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia was an allegory for capitalism and physical labor.

genies are a metaphor for labor. capable of changing the world and helping everyone but constrained to the whims of their arbitrary masters

anyone who thinks welfare fraud is a big problem should try to apply for cash assistance once. it’s a mountain of proof and paperwork

This is a solid ass read

This line:
"The trick of “white voice,” a folkloric joke among black people, becomes, in Riley’s film, a path to self-debasement."

"From a middle-class perspective you might see the economy failing, but the truth is capitalism has done its work perfectly, as it was bound to do. While the markets appear to fail in the suburbs, ghettos, in shops and on the news, we actually live in the richest time of all human history. But you don't notice because of capitalism's success – real wealth has moved up into the hands of a very few. There never has been such wealth concentrated in individuals. Never."


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"Capitalism was never a device for societies. Here's an analogy: think of a space rocket. Ninety-nine per cent of the rocket is just a fuel can – and when the fuel is used up, it falls back to earth. The people who built the rocket are way up in space. This is how it works. You're just part of the fuel can. The noise of the rocket might make you feel powerful, but in reality it's not built to go far. You will crash back down."


From the book Lights Out in Wonderland

Beware detached, privileged ppl that fancy themselves intellectuals, who talk at length about things they'll never understand. I've heard so many repugnant ideas expressed in erudite, civil tones.

I notice it happens *a lot* with people in STEM fields tbh. I think math makes white cis het men feel like they don't have to have empathy or humility.

techbros, profanity 

@gcupc I've been in San Francisco listening in to them tech Bros babble about how their Facebook for dogs, but with a twist will fix the world, while they walk down piss soaked streets and past homeless people, sometimes families.

sometimes i honestly don't think there's any salvation for these guys

Feel like trying out my polyamorous fantasy in . Hoe-ing it up so to speak lolol

I started a collaborative 90's/2000's Hip Hop & R&B playlist at work (to increase morale, obviously) and I'm impressed. One guy added nothing but Boyz II Men. Another added TLC. And of course we have heavy contributions of Ja and Ashanti. I love it.

If you know how to distract your loved ones during times of mental agony, you real one.

s/o to my dude for picking me up after work during my "bad" day, having lasagna ready, a trip for ice cream planned, and the nintendo switch charged.

med kicked in. lucid thoughts. 

Maybe I can work things out in this state of mind, but only after I've expressed my rage. It's not the outcome I want, but one thing I've learned about myself is that the rage is irrational, but my points are valid. Perhaps, through these trying experiences, I will find a way to constructively work with people who anger me, while being okay with the vulnerability that comes with being wronged or wrong.

more PMDD/PTSD rage 

I tend to try to avoid conflict on most days. I don't want to take those days for granted.

I'd like to learn to how to function and communicate in constructive ways even during the hard days. Beyond isolating myself, I'm not close to mastering that.

Don't have to let me know if you feel me on this. Just writing about it is therapeutic. Also, I'm just trying to distract myself before I go off on someone with the burning rage of a thousand suns.


I don't take anti-anxiety meds for anxiety alone. Anxiety comes and goes, and I'm learning to work with it.

I take them for the physical rage I get on more "trying" days. Days I just feel like I can't slow down my thoughts, and am sensitive to all my senses and mood. Days when my progesterone is usually at its peak. It's like a terrible drug trip every month. I'm nowhere near the person I usually am.

And ppl are TESTING me today. Oh boy are they testing me.

mental health (-) 

Praying for my med to kick in already.

No good vibes today.

Today's that day.

Just watched and it was GOOD. Much to unpack. Watch it! And if you’ve already seen it, go and see the web series The North Pole (also based in Oakland) where Boots Riley (among others) plays a cameo.

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