Can't keep preaching to the choir, the choir's depressed. Get out of your bubbles; reach out to the other side no matter how fucking difficult and stressful. Open your mind, challenge your own ideas. Can't afford not to.

🎧 How is it that every song I've heard so far on the new Tyler album IGOR is a banger? 🎧

Also wanted to add that I love the piano solo in this performance. Pianist is Sullivan Fortner and he's severely underplayed on Spotify.

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another Roy Hargrove recording of "Strasbourg / St. Denis"

In this one, the pianist tries to get the crowd to clap in time :)


Sucks I only found out about Roy Hargrove after his passing.

Now playing: Roy Hargrove Quintet - Strasbourg / St. Denis

This song makes me want to dust my piano off, carry it out from the garage, and jam.

A small win: a new friend of mine ran for SF school board. Homegirl Gabriela López WON! Knowing this woman--her beautiful heart, passion for her job and students, experience as a public school teacher, who did much "campaign cardio" to knock on doors and meet voters--many of which are not US citizens but able to vote for school board--this woman who vouches for cultural competence in the classroom and increased wages for teachers--inspires me!

That feeling of utter relief when you have insurance again... COBRA is like hundreds of dollars a month and that's not remotely affordable for ppl trying to cover between jobs

When I was broke and applying for medicaid I got caught with a hospital bill on top of penalties for the coverage gap that occurred cause medicaid wouldn't fucking respond for months.

Until every single human being who resides here is covered, we gotta fight like hell.

Nobody should be without healthcare. Ever.

My most recent commission (for someone right here on masto)! Quite happy w/ it and was real fun to do #mastoart #commissions #scifi


@meia This fear of speculation was the mask of skepticism, in which they took deep pleasure in rejecting and mocking theories or explanations before they had the chance to develop and take off. By passing off skepticism as a badge of intelligence, they took the easy road, because it is always easier to find an argument against an idea and fire from the safety of the sidelines.


@meia i thought it was cuz those skeptics thought it was too unscientific and subjective. But this actually misunderstood just how essential speculation was to rationality, and our means of connecting to reality and understanding the abstraction.

These skeptics stuck to facts, or established studies, and stay within the bounds of their micro-views of little pockets of reality, never taking the risk to embarrass themselves with speculation that might be wrong.


Criticism =/= skepticism. Some self-proclaimed "skeptics" tend to act sure of almost everything, which seems a contradiction in itself. To make points out of skepticism requires self-awareness, maturity, and some skill. But to poke holes in the name of "skepticism," which is truly contrarianism, for fuck's sake, if not done for leisure, is a waste of time and energy for others. Simple contrarianism is not the essence of higher intelligence, and we should stop enabling or rewarding it as such.

revolutionary feels 

It's time for trickle-up guillotineomics

Better Call Saul s04e03 

Better Call Saul is getting me all concerned we're going to lose Nacho.


Trying to come to terms with the mini panic attacks I get before I level off and accept the enjoyable stimulation of caffeine.

How can I, a public university employee at the bottom of the totem pole, start working today to try and end the University's dependence (read: wholly ensnared state) on proprietary, corporate owned/backed software?

Anybody know of any orgs that work on this, or have any experience fighting this kind of thing?

It makes for a very depressing state of affairs, being so reliant on these capitalist structures.

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