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Dance like no one is watching.
Encrypt like everyone is.

@medusa are you familiar with the recent outpouring of Martin Veith? He published a few books about the syndicalist movement of romania in german and is editor of BUNA a german-romanian syndicalist magazin.

Okay. I've been toying with my setup more (kinda had to for product demos) but I think I wanna do some F/OSS web software reviews.

Things like:
_ you submit a project_

Then I do a set of videos of the following:
_ setting it up on my system
_ using it for primary purposes
_ attempting to use it without reading docs (then with!)
_ review to see if it lived up to expectations set out.

Boys with skirts.

Boost if you agree.

(yep, this is a re-edition, the first one died with my previous instance)


dual boot
chinese-malaysian and yiddish
neither male nor female
i fund my municipal politics reporting with gig economy bike delivery

a little bit shitpost, a little bit rock'n'roll

wildlife and politics
spiders and cats
fantasy that turns out to be science fiction

I boost a bunch. Some of it is #art some is #politics or #shitposting.

If you want to hide a user's boosts when you follow them, you can go to their profile and choose "hide boosts from [handle]" from the menu.

#meta #metadon #getOnOurLawn #tootorials

Guess I should jump on the bandwagon.

I'm Lara, a Romanian immigrant in . Interested in , , and , , , . on- and offline. I sometimes make conceptual and go to shows and exhibits and stuff. , , and fan. I've started to grow plants again. I boost A LOT, sorrynotsorry.

Check out my fest:

GOD MODE UNLOCKED: hardware backdoors in some x86 CPUs
White paper coming tomorrow.


xposted from the hellbird / work chat.


Anyway, if you're not following, you should. OK bye.

Voll Bock mitzumachen? Bringt Eure Ideen und Vorstellungen in die #pwb18 ein. Wie das geht, wird Euch hier erklΓ€rt. #npa074

"If people didn't need to work to survive who'd drive the forklifts?!"

I dunno, probably all the people who bought Forklift Truck Simulator

m  o  o  d
o              o
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d  o  o  m

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