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Invisigoth 🐙 @medusa

Guess I should jump on the bandwagon.

I'm Lara, a Romanian immigrant in . Interested in , , and , , , . on- and offline. I sometimes make conceptual and go to shows and exhibits and stuff. , , and fan. I've started to grow plants again. I boost A LOT, sorrynotsorry.

Check out my fest:

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@medusa thank you for all the sweet words that help describe your interests and proclivities! I’m also into anarcho-commie-syndicates or things that let more people have more personal responsibility & agency, data protection and personal security, i only use Debian Linux like an end user with little terminal knowledge, but use Macs & windows with some proficiency.
Currently I’m making my own home server for chats and mumble calls, and a I’m quite a bit into kink & consensual fun times.

@medusa What kind of chiles? The plants are so beautiful. I grow Fish peppers, an heirloom hot pepper from the Chesapeake Bay region.

@tbeckett I've started small - in order of spiciness: padrón (barely chilies), jalapeños, ladyfinger aji and... Welp, how embarrassing, I forgot what the other one is, need to check when I'm there. My ~plan is to Frankenstein them together next year while expanding my collection. :3 Would like a few spicier ones (chocolate bhut jolokia!), but I'm trying to not overdo it from the start. Temperance! I've heard of Fish! Never seen a plant irl, but they look really pretty in photos.

@tbeckett OK, so right now I have: padrón, jalapeño el hefe, aji little finger (not ladyfinger, got those two mixed up, even more embarrassing) and habanero burning bush. Next season I'll try to (ughhhh) (I'm sorry) ...spice things up a little —.—

@medusa I also like Chiltepin chiles from Texas & Mexico. They’re the indigenous “mother” chile from which many other varieties descend. I bought some plants in Texas but was neglectful and they died. Really difficult to grow from seed.

@medusa are you familiar with the recent outpouring of Martin Veith? He published a few books about the syndicalist movement of romania in german and is editor of BUNA a german-romanian syndicalist magazin.

@syndikalista ohhh, thank you! I had heard (and promptly forgotten) about BUNA, but not of him. Thanks! Do you think the Berlin FAU chapter has any opies of his book or the magazines?

@medusa i have 2 BUNA here and the Panaiout Book somewhere, the Buna i could give you, the other one i would have to find first. ask @andrej if the books are at the FAU Library

@syndikalista oh cool! Thanks! I'm going with a friend to FAU today anyway, so I can just ask there about the books. Sweet!

@medusa screwed up tha name: Pajait Musoiu is the book about, and i have something by him about the romainian movement of Gelati of 1916 in the 1. Edition of SYFO-Magazin

@syndikalista I'm guessing this is it? Martin Veith, Unbeugsam - Panait Mușoiu - ein Pionier des rumänischen Anarchismus, Lich, 2013 (German) Sounds interesting. Ahh the Galați workers' movement etc is something that also interests me from a family history perspective, jesus, I need to sit down haha. Never occured to me to research this stuff, me daft cow!

@medusa yeah, it is this book. currently Martin is working on a book about modern day romania, where he lived for nearly 10 years

@medusa and dont put too much pressure on yourself, its not about daftness, it is about finding the right time and motive to do so. take time, take rest, take up the swords and flames and it will come or not.