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Joined about 7 months ago (214 days ago to be precise).

I'd heard about Mastodon before & had a profile on that I wasn't really using.

Think I most probably heard about from the CoTech (a forum of UK tech coops.)

Since joining I've learned a lot more about co-ops, got more political, got involved in our reading group, and got a little involved in how our instance works through our Loomio.

It's been great!

@Antanicus I'll be honest :) It took me a long time... and I'm ActivityPub co-editor! We originally brought on @tsyesika because it was clear she understood federation concepts better than I did.

Of course I got it eventually, but I felt I could have gotten it sooner. I'm a very story/example-oriented learner. One goal in writing the ActivityPub overview was to give a story that hopefully made it easier for people to follow it:

Almost forgot to wish a happy !

Now would be a great time to have a custom emojo of the logo.

The Anniversary Toot-up is almost over, but feel free to boost, fav, reply and, most importantly, enjoy the cake as long as you want! 🎂

Happy birthday to , and thanks to everyone keeping my local feed full of wishes today. So lucky to share an instance with you all.

Interesting article on the tech choices behind CommonsCloud.

(CommonsCloud is a platform coop combining Discourse, NextCloud and Phabricator. They're trying to build an online collaboration platform for the solidarity economy.)

Goal: turn the Barbican in London into a permanent autonomous zone.

Goal completed so far: 0.01% (had idea)

Have you heard of repair cafes, local meeting places where people come together to fix stuff that would otherwise end up as ? According to there are more than 1,500 repair cafes world-wide -- a growing, noncommercial global movement.

This article in The Guardian from last month gives a good introduction: "Can we fix it? The repair cafes waging war on throwaway culture"

Good morning everyone! Today's a very special day for it is our first anniversary! Let's celebrate it all together during the Anniversary Toot-up later today(11am-12pm EDT)! 🎂

More remote-friendly tools: - an improvement to searching the monthly "Who is Hiring?" thread on HN. Yeah, it's HN, but a lot of listings from tiny companies end up there instead of elsewhere. - Yet another job aggregator specializing in aggregating remote jobs. Has a large number of postings with some basic filtering.

Anyone know of any alternatives to Searching on the web I found but it looks like they're dead.

Want a really nice / and are near or able to travel to France?

Currently it is 10 G1/day and this is more or less what you could buy near France:

Check this list of events to join :

Off-the-grid micro-blogging application for communities - org.disrupted.rumble

#Rumble is a completely off-the-grid application and delay-tolerant micro-blogging application that allows a device to connect, chat and share content (text and images) with other people around you.
(haven't tested it)
found via @nicooo

Any / UBI recipient willing to share their experience so far?

Looks like it is close to a 5-10 EUR/day UBI :3

Mastodon is wonderful and the concept of is great, but realistically the average person isn’t going to adopt the current form, it’s just too technical to set up, and they are used to polished experiences.

I have ideas for solving those problems, but I need passionate folks to .

Anyone out there crazy enough to work with me on this? Anyone already working on it who’d be willing to hear my ideas?

Hello fediverse! This account will toot a few stories a week that are examples of solutions-focused journalism: how people are working to address inequality, prejudice, and exploitative economic systems. Want to help curate stories? Send a private message, either to this account or to @eloquence.

This account is not a bot - all stories are selected and summarized with love. :)

Anyone know much about or other free wireless projects? I am trying to develop one in my county, possibly through a similar hybrid approach with our Port providing the fiber backbone.

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