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The way I see it, ActivityPub is the decentralised method we're paving the way for the distributed web.

People are educating themselves and with the fediverse having surpassed critical mass beyond the 1 million-user mark, it's now practically unstoppable.

In about a year from now we'll be seeing the beginning of the convergence between the decentralised-web, with the distributed-whatever that goes next.

It's not that those technologies are immature. It's that they haven't converged yet.

I don’t necessarily feel super driven to toot about programming languages stuff all the time, but if anybody has questions about PL research, formal semantics, type theory, ML languages (including Rust), academic computer science, etc., I’ll always try to do my best to answer them. 😊

First installment in the Dweb series! shows you how to build your own communities with Secure Scuttlebutt.


I'm Chris, a POC from a US ghetto, worked as a social worker and STEM teacher for poor, homeless, immigrant and largely non-white kids in America's inner-city slum. I'm a one-person indie game dev, and my games are personal reflections of my experiences.

I've been doing gamedev for 25+ years, my largest project to date is Neofeud, a cyberpunk adventure game. I made it while teaching full time, and homeless, w/ my wife and kids living in the back of a Mazda Tribute. Cuz America.

Anyway, hi, I'm an internet linguist!

You might know me from writing linguistics articles at The Toast (RIP)

These days I cohost a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics ( and I'm writing a book in defense of internet language which'll be out with Penguin in 2019


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I am considering implementing all the decentralized ways to distribute my blog I can get my hands on. Onion Service, obviously; DAT; IPFS/IPNS; Zip+torrent/webtorrent...

So, two questions:

1. Any other decentralized distribution channel I should consider?

2. Tracking how much interest there is in what gets published is easy on plain old web; it's way trickier on the decentralized side of things. Yet I'd like to know if the decentralized channels are actually being used. Suggestions?

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so uh

if we don't do something about the environment we're all gonna die

just fyi

"From a middle-class perspective you might see the economy failing, but the truth is capitalism has done its work perfectly, as it was bound to do. While the markets appear to fail in the suburbs, ghettos, in shops and on the news, we actually live in the richest time of all human history. But you don't notice because of capitalism's success – real wealth has moved up into the hands of a very few. There never has been such wealth concentrated in individuals. Never."


"Capitalism was never a device for societies. Here's an analogy: think of a space rocket. Ninety-nine per cent of the rocket is just a fuel can – and when the fuel is used up, it falls back to earth. The people who built the rocket are way up in space. This is how it works. You're just part of the fuel can. The noise of the rocket might make you feel powerful, but in reality it's not built to go far. You will crash back down."


From the book Lights Out in Wonderland

My new story for blog: "How do we undo our personal traumas while we also undo the oppressive social structures that inflicted them?"

Pixelfed Lite: Javascript free, lightweight, and accessible alternative UI for everyone.

We are going to rewrite the main UI in Vue over the next few months after federation support is finished. This will allow more features that are not possible without js while maintaining basic non-js support. #pixelfed #pixeldev


Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier for verifiable, "self-sovereign" digital identity. DIDs are fully under the control of the DID subject, independent from any centralized registry, identity provider, or certificate authority. DIDs are URLs that relate a DID subject to means for trustable interactions with that subject. DIDs resolve to DID Documents — simple documents that describe how to use that specific DID.

Groups are like a hashtag you can follow.

GNU/Social and pixelfed might be the first AP implementations to support this! #pixeldev #gnusocial #activitypub

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