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Good to see you on here!

If you want to follow my work-in-progress on the schema for MoodleNet, it's here:

Your work is proving very helpful in
this endeavour 😀 Feedback much appreciated!

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Are instance-level block/mute settings federated as well, or at least exposed via API? I keep seeing various instances posting their blocked instances but, can other admins programmatically benefit from this work that other admins are doing?

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Dammit, I've left my well-loved bq Cervantes (open source) e-reader on a flight.

Unlikely that I'll get it back or be able to buy another one (it's discontinued).

Any suggestions for a replacement? Don't particularly want machine like a Kindle.

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was reasearching activitypub and there are some other cool apps using it, like:

"distbin is a distributed pastebin. i.e. it is a service where anyone can post things on the web, and others can react by posting anywhere else on the web"

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most of the ppl reading this msg need to rewrite some of their most important core beliefs before we'll access a new political reality

@June @protean we need more font-ends around different ways of using ActivityPub, and less monolithic platforms

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@mayel good question - yes we are both. The logic there is fourfold:

* be part of a larger formation that could coordinate benefits and services we as a smaller coop can't do alone
* more effectively participate in the growing movement needed to insist on ethical tech
* better lend solidarity to workers in other industries
* ensure our own coop stays democratic with a formal mechanism of worker control (we've seen other coops grow to become reformist/exploitative of workers)

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My first stop when I have these kind of questions is to check what @Framasoft uses.

In this case for

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Hey #Fediverse, give me your preferred self hostable FLOSS URL shortening software.

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@petar this is just opinion right now, but looks like it may be in the CoC being drafted

@petar Not sure it's something appropriate to promote on then


I like the idea, but they don't provide verifiable binaries, so difficult to trust unless you're ready to compile...

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Do you have radical #education resources for building #community driven #schools? And resources to include local research driven problem assessments? I still dream about a reopen of the Schools of syndicalism, or a Workers Highschool with seasonal topics centered around #food, #work, resistance and going beyond sustainability

@petar is it a co-op? is it ? is it p2p?


There is a lot of talk about co-ops and , and decentralisation, solidarity and user empowerment, and a lot of other stuff...

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feature needed:

- Allow users to add a text description to image attachments of toots that have already been posted.

This helps to make an increasing number of toots accessible without altering their chronological order.

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Thinking of a dashboard-style interface to facilitate keeping up with the local timeline on several instances at once. Is that interesting?