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going down for a few minutes for a server upgrade

@clayton there's are some DB issues @vmatekole is trying to sort out before we can complete the upgrade, hang tight!

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"The Co-Op Group", a UK consumer co-operative, advertises in the Daily Mail, which is notorious for its anti-migrant and anti-gay rhetoric.

Lots of angry responses over on birdsite about this. Their social media manager just keeps pointing to a blog post from last year that characterizes it as a "proactive relationship". Very disappointing; conventional for-profits have been far quicker at severing ties with Daily Mail and other hate rags.

@david_ross (and broke activists and solidarians of course)

@david_ross I've tried to join, but they require in-person verification by several different members (and there are none around Greece where I am, which is a pity because such a UBI system would be something interesting for refugees to join).

@david_ross I was already part of the previous Grantcoin distributions, though looks like my account has been marked as pending verification in this new system anyway...

You may want to join Manna, a distributed as

$250,000 "worth" of the previous iteration which was called Grantcoin was already given out (to 3,000 individuals in over 100 countries). They've undergone many updates lately, including the name change.

Weekly automated distributions due to start again March 1.

My referral link:

Non-referral link:

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Money & Society MOOC, starts Sunday 4 hours a week for 4 weeks. Aims to help understand how money works, has worked in history, its impacts on individuals & society, what alternatives look like, & helps asses all the ideas floating around today 

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Disappointing how much center-left media discourse of big tech focuses on antitrust / "break them up" fantasies and how little is about promoting alternatives like co-operative ownership and open source. Neoliberal "thought leaders" cannot seem to conceive of approaches other than "greed is good but let's add a layer of government regulation".

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I use Linux Mint everyday, and I love free software. Show your love!

@cstanhope @multijanet yeah ProtonMail is a pretty good solution for most people wanting simple but strong security

We put Oppen the dog's bed in the sun, but Molo the cat is the one who really knows how to chill.

@webmind @StuC @elplatt @zatnosk

@Gin reminded me of this practice by the Ju/’hoansi people:

“When a young man kills much meat, he comes to think of himself as a chief or a big man – and thinks of the rest of us as his servants or inferiors. We can’t accept this ... so we always speak of his meat as worthless. This way, we cool his heart and make him gentle.”

Similar insults were meted out to anyone who assumed airs and graces or got too big for their leather sandals.

@zatnosk @elplatt @StuC @webmind

Actually, I am liking "loud mouth" as it's not self-aggrandizing but rather describes the type of person pretty appropriately IMO :D

@elplatt @zatnosk


originator, initiator, developer, discoverer, founder, architect, mentor, mover and shaker, moderator, steward, bellwether, pacer, harbinger, herald, precursor, loud mouth

@zatnosk @elplatt

Yeah looking to other languages may be the way to go. Not sure I like any of these:

conductor, counsellor, dean, doyen, forerunner, guide, harbinger, herald, lead, luminary, notable, pacesetter, pilot, pioneer, precursor, principal, rector, ringleader, shepherd, skipper, front runner, innovator, trailblazer, pathfinder, groundbreaker, trendsetter, guiding light, torch-bearer, pacemaker


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There needs to be a word like "leader" without implying hierarchy. A word for someone who is proactively collaborative.