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Awesome, thanks! I'd be very interested in collaborating with CoTech and Outlandish on several projects, like:



If you're interested in #ActivityPub and #Federation, technically speaking, you'll probably want to have a read at our documentation on the subject.


If you want to drop a review and help to improve it, your feedback is welcome on code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhal

Interesting taxonomy he used to classify technology (coming from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Mumford#Polytechnics_versus_monotechnics)

Polytechnic: Enlisting many different modes of technology, providing a complex framework to solve human problems. When we use our consciousness and knowledge to think how to use technology to improve human society, combining many fields of knowledge from philosophy, history, sociology, technology, science and mathematics.

Monotechnic: Technological growth for its own sake, driven by pure consumerism lacking any socio-political perspective and oppressing humanity as it moves along its trajectory. It disregards any negative effects on humanity, seeing all progress and development as good and inevitable.

Another question: "You've suggested several software projects that #somebodyshould work on. Are there any economic incentives?" Answer: "No"
Rarely have I heard such an intense Q&A question at an event: "To what extent are you willing to exercise coercion or violence against people who don't have same values or goals?"
"What the technology does is less important than how it does it and how people can interact and adapt it for their own needs to liberate themselves"
"Technology has a mixed legacy of domination and liberation"

I've settled on a name for my #ActivityPub #WordPress plugin - #Pterotype! It's an early precursor to the typewriter, which seemed appropriate for WordPress.

Honestly though, the main reason I chose it is now it can have a cute Pterodactyl logo. That will go nicely with Mastodon's prehistoric theme!

Now I just need to find someone who can draw a cute pterodactyl...

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In some way, it's a wonderful time to be alive, because we don't HAVE to get our protocols accepted by the W3C before we can use them. It wasn't always like this.

@aral @ekaitz_zarraga @Shamar W3C is in general heavily influenced by its corporate members. It's rare to get something like ActivityPub through which doesn't have corporate backing. I wish this weren't true.

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Who's going to be at #MozFest at the end of the month? @mayel and I are going to be running a session on #MoodleNet!

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Hey Lynn, Bob, Ivan, Benet, just wanted to properly introduce you all to @alexcastano who recently joined @dajbelshaw and I to work on #MoodleNet. I'm sure you'll be bumping into each other in GitLab issues, code commits (he's starting with documenting/restructuring/improving the CommonsPub codebase, and here on the fediverse... Let's decentralise all the things! :)
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