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For MoodleNet content (educational resources), not for Mastodon or the rest of fediverse.

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It would be basically a search engine.

It's such a learning experience working on the project with @dajbelshaw, with an open-by-default approach, which isn't limited to the code - we're involving the in the whole process of "how the sauce is made".

Here for example are some diagrams of 3 possible approaches to building the architecture:

- Fully
- Federated with a core -as-a-service
- Centralised

Blog post:

Full document:

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"Our reporters will look into:

- How disasters disproportionately impact the most vulnerable and what can be done to respond and rebuild in a just and equitable way

- How communities can prevent "disaster capitalists" (those who seek to profit through rebuilding/recovery efforts) from preying on various populations in the aftermath of a crisis"

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Cool, Shareable is working on a podcast called Disaster Collectivism. (As contrasted with disaster capitalism.)

Definitely an interesting topic. I was posting about this a bit ago, in reference to Rebecca Solnit's book A Paradise Made In Hell.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the podcast covers the topic.

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@cstanhope totally! or if we take on board labels others give us

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I'm an advocate of self-hosting, but I also think supporting a form of "delegated identity" would be more inclusive and slightly more user-friendly (like for example OpenID did, where you could configure your personal domain name to indicate what OpenID provider you're using, and can switch at any time) so users can both self-host and move their identity between providers

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Is anybody aware of any platform coops for artists - portfolio, commissions, print-on-demand, craft sales, things like that?

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If you ask TBL what Web 3.0 is, he'll say it's about sharing data rather than documents or apps representing that data. That never really gained mainstream excitement (rather a slow but sure growth), but it'd certainly be part of your concept of Web 3.0.

And his formulation of that is certainly a part of ActivityPub.

But I don't know what'll gain adoption next, yet I will be throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

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Reading @aral's blog. We should be trying to move away from centralized systems in a time frame faster than 25 years. What I think we're experiencing now is the end of the second wave of the web (web 2.0) in which silos were considered to be the universal solution to digital service access. The problems of centralization and extractive economics are now becoming much clearer, including to people who are not normally obsessed with these kinds of topics before.

I'm pretty confident that whatever web 3.0 is, it's going to be a lot more decentralized, most likely with a mixture of client/server and mesh. It won't be merely a return to Web 1.0 because we've learned a lot in the intervening time.
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"Be unclassifiable. Sticking a label on a human being transforms them, distorts them, reduces them, alters their essence. To define is to imprison."

"Sé inclasificable. Quien pega una etiqueta en un ser humano lo transforma, lo falsea, lo reduce, altera su esencia. Definir es enjaular."


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Hi , I'm a PhD student in computer science (doing programming languages research) and some kind of libertarian socialist. I've been living in for almost a year, but I'm moving back to soon. I'm new to participating in cooperatives, but have some background in labor activism and organizing.

some assorted interests:

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How will the new copyright law affect, and Mastodon at large?

cc. @mayel @ntnsndr @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @h

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