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We can do edit our information that appears in the instance picker at

Any suggestions?

If we don't include any topic tags it would say we're a generalist instance, not sure if that's preferable.

And these are the options re. our rules:

Switched to Franz (which has gone open source) from Rambox (which has been deprecated in favour of closed source) as a container and notifier for always-open :

Here's some useful recipes for apps not included by default:





Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the based back-end for ?

We're looking for a familiar with (or transferable skills like and ).

The whole project will be and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!

Old one but a good one on digital

"Global - is it time for a coin" (not a cryptocurrency, just a medium of exchange).

@matslats, Emma McGuire of and Arthur Brock of Holochain

Some options on

(Fortunately, this isn't a real service but rather a mental health awareness campaign).

Temporal autonomy is a very important freedom and I would even say human right that's worth fighting for! It has so many unexpected positive side effects.

Such as watching a video at 4:20am on a Wednesday where Terence McKenna blows our minds talking about how "biological systems [like humans] are amplifiers of quantum mechanical indeterminancy".

and now have their rightful place among my main communication . 😀

This is using which is a cool custom that keeps your cookies seperate from your main web browsing.

(My main communication app is BTW, but it isn't currently supported by Rambox.)