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(Fortunately, this isn't a real service but rather a mental health awareness campaign).

Temporal autonomy is a very important freedom and I would even say human right that's worth fighting for! It has so many unexpected positive side effects.

Such as watching a video at 4:20am on a Wednesday where Terence McKenna blows our minds talking about how "biological systems [like humans] are amplifiers of quantum mechanical indeterminancy".

and now have their rightful place among my main communication . 😀

This is using which is a cool custom that keeps your cookies seperate from your main web browsing.

(My main communication app is BTW, but it isn't currently supported by Rambox.)

Trying out a new client app for desktops. And it's not just an Electron wrapper, woot!

We put Oppen the dog's bed in the sun, but Molo the cat is the one who really knows how to chill.

Greek food: mushroom based γύρος (gyro). Delicious!

After a long day of fun and games.

Our and the new are getting along great! :)

"We, The Employees Of, Have Voted Unanimously To Debase Ourselves In The Most Humiliating Ways Possible To Please The Billionaires Who Could Destroy Our Website On A Whim"

This we've named Molo has recently moved in. 😀 He's already an internet fanatic. Wonder how long until he has his own account! 😆

"AI" (machine learning) is mostly unpaid labour and mass exploitation of our private and public data