Trying out a new client app for desktops. And it's not just an Electron wrapper, woot!

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@mayel looks interesting. I'll give it a spin on my hackintosh

@hinterwaeldler oops, my bad! still, it's a local JS app, rather than just embeding your instance's webapp like Mstdn.

@mayel It looks nice though, will try it someday. Right now, I'm still enjoying the progreive web app. 😃

I looked at that this morning. But even though it's a nice interface, I can't justify running another browser runtime on my low spec laptop.

I wish someone would write a QT client.

@mayel @jerry Indeed! Seems like a winner. A lot less "clutter". I like it!

@gme @mayel It is pretty nice. I noticed it doesn't seem to handle reply-all's very well - only seem to copy in the ID of the person I am directly responding to.

@jerry @mayel I actually prefer that behavior. Like, if you RT'd something, my reply would go to you and not to the person you originally toot'd. Makes sense in a way. I'm following you. Not necessarily who you just RT'd.

@gme I mean that when I respond to this toot using whalebird (which I am), it only includes your ID, not @mayel's ID too.

@jerry But doesn't that make sense? You're responding to something I sent you. Honestly, I've been in the middle of reply bombs on Twitter and they're a pain when there's a half-dozen people all replying-all to one another and I have no reason why I'm being included in the thread.

@gme Maybe... I guess it's just not the behavior I've grown to expect, as it cuts off the others participating in the discussion, and there's no easy way (that I see) to add them back in.

@mayel ooh I like it a lot, simple and easy to navigate - no way to interact with hashtags or lists from there though but still

@mayel very nice! Reply interface is a bit confusing though...

@mayel I've been using for a while, because I really like the feel of the web interface, but have now swotched to

That's full Javascript though, so I'll keep my eyes open on what Whalebird does from here on, thanks for the tip.

@mayel Is it actually written for desktops? Not just a website in some wrapper other then the one you mentioned?

@Canageek it actually does use Electron to run a Javascript client, but a custom one packaged with the app which talks to the Mastodon API

@mayel :(

I keep hoping someone will write a Masto client in C++ or whatever, something with a tiny little footprint rather then the system resource devouring beast it is sometimes.

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