RT @phildini - Hey anyone running a small Mastodon instance want to form a collective to share on-call, resources, tips for keeping these things running, etc?

cc @vmatekole @mattcropp @eloquence

@mayel @eloquence @mattcropp @vmatekole @phildini seems like a reasonable idea. Any proposals on how to practically implement this?

@Antanicus @phildini @vmatekole @mattcropp @mayel

I would suggest using wiki.social.coop for organizing, since it's a bit more non-social.coop-friendly than Loomio. But Mayel or Victor would have to fix HTTPS first, the cert is borked right now.

@eloquence @vmatekole the wiki is running in Docker containers and I haven't yet found a painless way to have the certs auto-renew, certbot gets confused... :(

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