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Mayel @mayel

Years later, I'm finally getting fiber internet at home 🙂

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@mayel I'm reasonably jealous. I'm on the edge of a "last mile" area - we've only had (i.e. been able to get) CABLE Internet for 12 years. Fiber is a pipe dream right now. 😭

@ksonney I know how you feel. I've been trying for so long, even sometimes chose what neighborhood to live in based on the likelihood of getting hooked up. A few months ago my street got dug up, and I was crossing my fingers that it was for fiber... And indeed :)

@ksonney Well @mayel doesn’t live in the Capitalist States of America.

@tbeckett @ksonney

I do live in the European colony of Greece, which comes with its own set of bullshit. In this case though I guess I have to be grateful that the Germans (Deutsche Telekom) who acquired the former national telco at a bargain price are even bothering to slowly upgrade the infrastructure.

@ksonney @tbeckett

Well, I celebrated too quickly. There's actually some deceptive marketing going on. They were trying to sell me VDSL (which I already have) branded as fiber...

Lucky you.
I hope i'll be able to say that in aprox 2years.