One of the big things I'm taking-away so far reading the platform -op book is that we really need a standards-based reputation/identity system.

I remember reading some protocol-level work on this a few years back when I was getting into architectures.

Clearly something that demands a decentralized approach.

@jjg as far as i can tell decentralized identity is really difficult. I think a big reason for the success of things like slack or facebook is that centralization helps control spam


I think Keybase is on to something with their audit trail approach, though we need a decentralised implementation.

@jjg @alienghic

I think a huge missing piece for the fediverse is the ability to use your own domain name as a canonical handle alias. Meaning that once someone follows me (i.e. my domain which would currently be pointed to my handle @mayel), I would have the ability to switch instances at any time without loosing any followers.

cc @Gargron

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