Happy to be launching a and with @Gin today!

We Are The Copy Team.

If any of our wordsmith friends is interested in joining please let us know!

@mayel @Gin I might be interested to hear more. I have 9 years of full time pro experience (freelance) in EN-FI and SV-FI translating. Mostly technical translations but also literature.

I might have some hard time to find those four examples though, since all of my work (except two novels) are governed by NDAs.

And I hate marketing texts. If you have other than marketing jobs, I'm all ears.

@Stoori @Gin @mayel Side thought: I can't imagine the difficulty of translating poetry faithfully.

@h @mayel @Gin yeah, it's a completely separate world of everything else.

@Stoori @Gin @mayel Congrats! I might also be interested. I've been doing ES->EN for many years, with several books finished and several more in process.

@mayel @Gin great idea guys! It's a niche ripe for co-operation.

Keep us posted here.

Also I have another place to go next time I need copywriting (which is now and again!).

@mayel @Gin I'm interested, how can I find out more about you?

@mayel I'd love to join the Copy Team, but I've only got half a year of translating experience under the belt (English to Dutch on the GNU website). Are those two years a strict requirement?

@myrmidex thanks for your interest! :) I assume you're a native speaker of Dutch and fluent in English? If so, it would probably be OK if you find a friend or someone with more experience in translation that you can invite to join along with you. As we work in teams of 2+ people per project, we'd need at least two English->Dutch translators to be able to take on projects in that language pair anyway.

cc @Gin

@mayel @Gin Oh right, I'll keep my eye out for another Dutch translator. Too bad the guys on my GNU team are already too busy with their day jobs as it is. I'll get back to you when I find someone! Thanks for the reply!

@mayel @Gin Looks amazing! I'll be forwarding this internally ..

PS: You're missing a Mastodon reference on your website 😏

@moritzheiber @Gin That'd be awesome thanks! :)

And yeah, good point! gonna create an account on and add it as to social media buttons

@moritzheiber @Gin It's in reference of our instance's logo. Pines trees are a traditional symbol for co-ops.

@mayel @Gin @Gargron @maloki I think there is an open PR on the font-awesome repo .. let me take a look

@moritzheiber @maloki @Gargron @Gin

thanks for the pointer! I was able to add the Mastodon icon:

thanks to this package: though of course it isn't optimum to load a css + font file just for that one icon

@mayel @maloki @Gargron @Gin True true! All the more reason to have the icon included as soon as it can be 😊

@mayel @moritzheiber @Gin Thanks! Interesting that know that about pine trees and coops. Will keep an eye out for that.

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