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Biggest take-away from class #1: a clearer understanding of what accounting means by "equity". Despite all my financial geekery, I'd never had a fully clear definition in my head...

Today's my first day in a classroom as a student since 2011; taking a Financial Accounting course at the community college.

Was a bit nervous as to how I'd adapt to the old role, but the Prof seems good, and I don't think it will be too much of a stretch for me... 😊

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Make the change, Credit Unions are so much better. And they do not have the perverse incentive to take your money!

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I love meetings when everyone criticizes everything without making any proposals or offering to bottom line anything

just a reminder to everyone in these trying times

- coop /kuːp/ a chicken enclosure
- coup /kuː/ a government being overthrown
- co-op /ˈkoΚŠΛŒΙ’p/ a company owned and democratically run by the people it serves or employs

E.g. "a faction of disgruntled farmers staged a coup of the chicken farmers' co-op board in response to 'draconian' coop inspections"

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fun fact: i'm physically unable to bike in a contraflow lane without singing "contrafloo-oow" to the tune of "even flow" by pearl jam


Listen, is this 90s-early-aughts nostalgia cycle gonna have a ska revival or not!?

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