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@JasonKing Very cool! I'm supporting a group trying to get a bike delivery co-op going in Vermont.

Have you looked into/have thoughts on the CoopCycle project?

@ntnsndr Mixed use - 1 apartment, a small cafe, and a moderate-sized commissary/warehouse with cold storage. Will write up a more complete summary to be posted when we officially close... :)

Wikipedia Co-op Fund has it's first article out!

The article about platform coops has been translated to Indonesian by our member Sena Luphdika.

WCF is a that pays people to write to Wikipedia about .

- Join for 1$/month.

- The money is distributed to members via polls. Members request and approve articles.

- I give 20$ for members for the first article they write.

Join here:

@ntnsndr @mattcropp @Jon_Envisioneer

Had the owner of the first building we're trying to purchase for a accept our lowered offer this week! Still some work to do to get to closing, but this was a big step!

The deal was supposed to close at the end of March, but something came up around that time...

A poll of no statistical significance whatsoever. Just fishing for a rough sense of people's contexts here . .

The kind of place where you live/are locked down . . Is it . .

Going to aim to chat with @CoopCycle about a possible bike delivery/courier start-up project in , which would be their federation's first US affiliate. Should be interesting!

@daspitzberg @ntnsndr

"listening at scale" (term comes from Audrey Tang of vTaiwan)

graphic recording in a webinar, nice! thanks to Sita Magnuson

Excellent presentation by @lizbarry on PublicLab, Extinction Rebellion, VTaiwan,

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Hello! My name is Yasuaki Kudo. I live in Yugawara, Japan and I am looking to create or join a worker cooperative!

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For anyone wanting to participate in our speculative fiction role-playing experiment (a la dungeons and dragons but about co-ops), help us choose a time for when this will take place!

A few of us are working to restart the Tech Workers Coalition newsletter. We published our first issue yesterday:

As the issue says: "Learning about how we’re all connected and building relationships to make positive change across the industry is a slow but necessary process."

Join us!

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