The most consistent element of US conferences is a SOLID dance party Saturday night...

@GuerillaOntologist Could close the "tax efficiency" gap with ESOPs a bit, if designed well... :blobhyperthink:

Even if you have to do W-2 income pro-rating, it could still be a powerful tool for worker co-ops to align workers in their trial period with the performance of the co-op if, say, 25% of the surplus was contributed to the SEP each year.

@GuerillaOntologist One I've gotten increasingly curious about for worker co-ops specifically is the "SEP IRA", which allows a biz to contribute up to 25% of payroll or $50k+ pre-tax. It's often used by solo business-owners, with the "downside" being that if you bring on employees, you have to make equal (salary-prorated) contributions for them and it vests instantly. Not a problem for , obvious, though I'm curious if it's allowable to distribute on the basis of hours worked.

@GuerillaOntologist There was a webinar recently, and it was useful to learn about a bunch of different retirement vehicles. Apparently traditional 401(k)s are challenging for co-op investment because all investments are legally required by ERISA to be liquid on a quarterly basis, while that's not true for solo 401(k)s (or the various form of IRAs, which makes them the way to get tax-preferred savings working in the solidarity economy...

@GuerillaOntologist My understanding is that they are cheaper/lower overhead, b/c you can self-administer once you havea plan doc, while SDIRAs require a custodian (paperwork + fees). I have an SDIRA through work, and it sounds like they will be doing a cohort for that model soon...

@GreenandBlack I feel like public transit blockades need to be judged case-by-case, as it's often a delicate tactical/strategic balance. For instance, Black Lives Matter shutting down the Minneapolis light rail repeatedly following cop murders.

If you have freelance income and want to funnel your retirement savings in the economy, is organizing a cohort of 100 folks to set up self-directed solo 401ks by the end of the year. Check this form for more details and to sign up to be part of the cohort!

Solidarity economy in action at my grocery coop, the Dill Pickle @Chicago

Halloween party idea - If you are having a Halloween party you can test out face makeup to avoid facial recognition. I thought people may like this as an activity for a party --

Watch a few videos, apply the face makeup and then use free software to see if you are recognized.



site with free software webcam:

What do you think?

A little late... but results from our second status check poll!

"What kinds of co-op enthusiasts/practitioners/scholars reside among us?"

Looks like most of us are co-op members and general co-op fans! Wahoo! Goooooo co-ops!

@LeoSammallahti Democracy at Work Institute, not Democracy at Work (the Richard Wolfe org)

Went to in with my partner last night, and crashed in a cheap off-season ski resort hotel room on the drive back. Work up to some pretty nice foliage...

@Steve @tbeckett @ImmortalM I won't be in the mix til late afternoon Friday, but I'm sure we can figure something out...

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