The Drivers is fundraising investment for their new rideshare alternative. Kick them a few bucks if you've got the means to do so, and patronize them if you live in !

If you know someone who stutters, the patient I'm a member of is recruiting folks for a paid study:

Also saw they're going to start beta testing a as a member benefit... ⏲️🏦

Appreciation to @GuerillaOntologist for facilitating the chat this evening.

Got my noodle simmering about a few topics, and great to catch up with everybody!

If you paint cutesy murals on the walls of a flop hotel, it's still a flop hotel... :P

Drifting to sleep to the soothing hiss of an ancient radiator and street sounds drifting in through the window left open to keep the room from hitting 90 degrees.

Riding solo in and out of kinda sucks. With friends, OTOH, it can be pretty fun...

Looking forward to the start of in NYC tomorrow!

Who all in is planning to attend the conference in NYC in November?

We've been given the opportunity for us to give a short (8 minutes) talk at the conference, and thinking it would be a good opportunity to do some community reflection and distill "lessons learned" from our journey thus-far that others might benefit from.

So, interested in folks' thoughts generally, and knowing who might be in the room and interested in co-presenting?

Was talking to someone who works with the Agency of Transportation in who expressed great interest in the idea of a SaaS owned by transportation authorities that would produce and maintain a standardized bus tracking, carpool coordinating, etc., app. At the moment there's a huge patchwork of different software being used.

@ntnsndr & peeps, any knowledge of others thinking/working along these lines?

Finally got around to becoming a member of ! IMO it's one of the most promising projects in the space and doing a world of good building a platform for collective action by folks with health challenges.

About a year-ish ago this guy showed up on the list-serve pushing a project called , which generated a healthy amount of skepticism.

I open Twitter dot com today and what do I find but him announcing that another one of his companies (a domain registration) has decided to platform . His hyper-generous reading of Gab's founder Andrew Torba's character is especially rich...

cc: @ntnsndr @Rushkoff

Don't write these days nearly as much as I used to, but somehow found the attention and time tonight to write out a scheme I've been developing pieces of for years for a universal financial and governance platform.

This is a first draft, so comments are turned on and most welcome!

, a that connects (and represents) to studies related to their conditions, has a call out for ambassadors as the grows and matures. I met their cofounder last year, and have been impressed with their progress thus-far...

Deets: Budget 

According to , our 's budget is approaching $4k/year (and continues to gradually grow as new cooperators find us)!

To determine how to deploy our funds best to strengthen the capacity, services, and sustainability of , we should do a budgeting process soon.

Does anyone have ideas about how to do well asynchronously?

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