Came across this scene while out for a stroll near my sister's house in

:TwinPines: 🌈


Turns out we'll be trying to launch not one but two real estate in over the next few months, so I picked up some scintillating holiday reading... :thonking: :TwinPines:

Solid infographic from my giving the basics on the flow of a credit union and how it is differentiated from a for-profit bank.

Went to in with my partner last night, and crashed in a cheap off-season ski resort hotel room on the drive back. Work up to some pretty nice foliage...

Uspol, bernie 

I have a v large dome, and am tall.

Seriously, though, these are the only sunglasses I've owned in my adult life that actually seem to fit properly... 😎

FB Algo, possible cringe 

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