what kind of co-op is social.coop?

a consumer co-op?
a worker co-op?
a housing co-op?


@gc Consumer co-op w/ users as the consumer class.

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@mattcropp even though I just posted something that agreed w you like 5 min ago lol, after thinking about it some more, I think @mayel is right - we're a virtual housing cooperative

@gc @mayel I tend to think of housing co-ops as a subset of consumer co-ops.

@mattcropp @mayel really? I mean I definitely think housing cooperatives are a class unto their own, but more similar to worker co-ops because of the labor involved. like it's definitely not clear cut, eg buying food together is a super common type of a consumer co-op, but bathrooms don't clean themselves lol. at least in icc houses, all members agree to do 4-6 hours a week of labor, whether it's cooking, cleaning, gardening, officer labor, etc etc

@gc @mayel I think there's a spectrum with housing co-ops, between ones in which you are purchasing housing cooperatively and all the property services are hired by the co-op to one's that involve member work, but I think that mirrors the difference between a more professionalized food co-op and Park Slope, which uses a lot of member labor, but where the core economic relationship is as a consumer of food or housing.

@gc @mattcropp I was mostly joking, but I guess it could fit. Are there housing co-ops that host non contributing guests?

@mayel @mattcropp not really? I mean we'll have friends crash on one of our couches, but if you stay awhile you're generally expected to start doing labor and pay boarding fees

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