I can't believe is already a year old!


We've still got a long way to go on many fronts, but I'm so grateful to be part of such a thoughtful and committed crew of folks who're sharing the load in making this a Good Place to Be!

We're now the 92nd largest instance in the , with 962 registered users, who've tooted 63,409 times. Our has 138 supporters whose combined contributions give us a current annual budget of $4,028! πŸ’–

@mattcropp what's the breakdown of paying and non-paying members? By the way, thanks for your many efforts to build and organize this community.


@Matt_Noyes at the moment its honor system and we don't have a particularly good way of breaking that out. One thing we should have on the agenda for the membership working group call on ?Monday? (the date of which still needs to be finalized by the person who launched the schedule poll, and an RSVP check poll launched... ;)).

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