just called for the creation of a tonight at a rally at the Old Hall.

I'd personally prefer that the state would be allowed to place deposits in and become one owner among many for reasons, but none-the-less a bold (left) move...


@mattcropp Do you know any Mastodon instances where discussion about any US politicians is blocked by default?

@vruz as a constituent, 's accomodation to the has always been his major flaw (, jobs, etc.). Nonetheless, this was a moment of him conceding a bit of ground to his left flank here in ... Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

@vruz You might find interesting this debate from #1990 in the run up to the first between Sanders and Diamondstone, who were close allies in the 1970s, but broke w/ each other in the late '70s when Sanders moved towards the center and got elected Mayor:

@mattcropp I don't know much of Sanders' early story beyond the mythologisation of that time his fanatics have recreated as platitudinal recruitment device. But I have read enough about his dealings with Lockheed Martin to be nauseated whenever I'm unlucky enough to read his name. That being said, thanks for sharing, and I will watch when I recover 😁

@vruz It's been a running tension through the left since the 1980s - fights over a gatling gun plant in the 1980s (peace mvmt vs. union jobs), Serbia in 1990s , a decade ago, and fights over the most recently.

I'm a history geek and live here, so I can drone on... πŸ€“

@mattcropp I'll make sure to ask you the next time I'm cornered in debate by the Bernie-faithful 😁

@mattcropp states can and have started their own infrastructure banks.

@PakkonenCT As he mentions, the State Bank of is the most prominent example in the US, for sure...

@mattcropp if the state can go directly to the people and make a good bargin on financing it I don't see why they can't cut out the banks and the corrupt rate negotiations (LIBOR anyone?)
More states should make it policy and thumb their noses at corruption

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