@mattcropp Very cool. How do I participate? Is this just a thing happening on a hashtag?

@darius Yes; literally talk about co-ops with folks and use the hashtag in that timeframe... :)

@darius I'm here, and @stefanieschulte liked my hashtagged post, so she's lurking. Other folks will hopefully show up soon. Why don't you post an introduction using the hashtag with your interests like I did? Part of the goal is to help us cooperators find each other... :)

@mattcropp @stefanieschulte Well, unfortunately I am also experiencing huge Mastodon bugs right now that prevent me from seeing most toots so it would probably be confusing to me and everyone. Hopefully I can participate next time.

@mattcropp fascinating experiment. Could be a bit floody? How easy will it be to find the useful stuff later if everyone use the same #?

@strypey I figure it'll likely be smol enough this round that it shouldn't be a problem, but if we do it again, perhaps a separate designated tootup hashtag would be in order? you have any suggestions as to how to best organize this sort of thing?

@mattcropp My instinct would be to use something like IRC, an XMPP group, or Riot/Matrix, but happy to join in a #Tootup and see how it goes
@mattcropp just realised 10-11 EST is 2am Sat morning here. Doh! Being a night owl (it's just short of midnight now), I might still make it.

@strypey ooof, well, would be good to chat if you can - the joys of globalized ... πŸ˜‰

@coopchange and I recently organized a governance web panel that had 1 participant in France, 1 in the Eastern US, and 1 in New Zealand. The windows of opportunity we're narrow...

@mattcropp who was the NZ participant? I might know them, and if I don't, I'd like to be introduced
@mattcropp I've never heard of Susan. That's exiting! Always good to meet more kiwis involved in libre commons work :)
@mattcropp I know some of the #Enspiral folks, especially in #Loomio (met the first two founders at #Occupy before Loomio happened)
@mattcropp they're a big crew though, growing all the time, and probably with a certain amount of churn due to #DigitalNomads ;)
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