Looking at my account, just realized that turned 5 years old this month.

Social dot Co-op: We're Still Around™️

The journey has been full of learning, hope, heartache, and growth, and I appreciate all the folks who've traveled different parts of this road together.

There's so much of this experience that informs my work in other parts of my life, and I'm grateful we still have this place to share. :)

@mattcropp :TwinPines: :heart:

I feel the same way. Nice to have this occasion to reflect and appreciate.

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp

Not everything has to be massive and "disruptive". Daily activity for 5 years is awesome.

This has been useful for me in learning from others and sharing my thoughts.

One of the heart warming memories is how the fediverse made my post about my 70+ year old uncle having finished a dictionary of Sami language go viral. He was confused but happy about it :D.

@mattcropp :TwinPines: :heart:

I feel the same way. Nice to have this occasion to reflect on and appreciate the road traveled so far.

@mattcropp congrats from Germany :) If you want to have a chat about all things coop some time, freel free to reach out :)

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