@LabB, my hackerspace, is going to throw a themed new years party in . When poking around on youtube, most of the explicitly "solarpunk" music is pretty ambienty. Which is cool, but not terribly danceable.

So, Fediverse, what songs would you put on a solarpunk dance mix?

@mattcropp For something different, how about Sonne by Rammstein?

@mattcropp @LabB
Jam2go can be kinda hype, his most recent album Apotrophe is probably the closest to solarpunk vibes.

His other stuff has choice songs here and there too, like tigerposter or Float.

@mattcropp @LabB

How about Today-earthsong by Erykah Badu? When you want a mellow vibe...

@mattcropp Hopefully not too late.

BÓSA has a lot of bangers. They pull from international field recordings of "old sounds" into modern house records that feel like a cool mix of very old and very new.

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