Hey @theblockchainsocialist, would you be interested in an informal community cafe conversation around practical/useful (and ethical) possible applications of the tech to organizations organizations like I'd be happy to collaborate, as I've been meaning to dig a little deeper into the nuances of DAOs etc.

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@theblockchainsocialist I figure block out an hour for a conversation in the coming month or 2 that works for both of our schedules?

@mattcropp Ok sure that should be fine. The only big thing I have after this week so far is I'm flying back to the US on Dec. 17th.

@theblockchainsocialist Morning US east coast time/afternoon your time probably be best? How about 9am US Eastern on Monday the 29th?

@theblockchainsocialist Hey, sorry, this crept up on me - holiday week had me scattered.

You still game for this conversation tomorrow? If so, I'll do a public toot w/ a Zoom link, and can record it if we like.

@mattcropp ah ok I just saw you said 9 eastern, that should be ok. Feel free to share the link beforehand

@mattcropp Wait now realizing I think this already passed! Sorry my sense of time has been off lately with all the travelling I've been doing...

@theblockchainsocialist Likewise I was remiss in confirming earlier. Try again?

How're mornings my time the week of the 13th work for you? I'm mostly open other than Tuesday.

@theblockchainsocialist Wanna say 9:30-10:30 US Eastern Time? If so, I'll put out a link to a room.

@mattcropp Unfortunately I just scheduled an interview for that time, but I could two hours later if that still works?

@mattcropp I'm traveling to the US that day unfortunately :/

I could do the 21st? Otherwise it might be better to plan for beginning of next year.

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