Suggesting using Microsoft Teams for a meeting with someone outside your organization is a faux pas. 🤮

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Literally any other service? I'll happily adapt.

But Teams?


@JordiGH Zoom has its problems, but Teams has so many bizarre failure modes. Like, I couldn't get on a call once because my org had some microsoft license issue from an unrelated product in ~2010...

@mattcropp I heard good things about Big Blue Button. Wonder why that isn't getting more popular.

@JordiGH just signed on for an organizational membership with, which is a BBB host, and I'm going to have a conversation on it tomorrow. I'm still a noob, but liking it thus-far.

I also enjoy the speaker stats that Jitsi has built in. The secretary of a co-op I'm on th eboard of it posts a screencap of how much speaking each person does as part of the meeting minutes.

@mattcropp Oh, nice.

Does Jitsi work better with large groups now? I heard that was a principal complaint.

@JordiGH Not sure about large groups, but it's been fine for our meetings of 5-8 people.

@mattcropp That's sizable, cool, cool, thanks for letting me know.

@JordiGH @mattcropp Jitsi needs the Jitsi Videobridge for larger groups, which routes video across a single server, reducing traffic from n² video streaming going about (everybody to everybody) to ~2n (everybody to server, server to everybody). The interesting decision with that software was to not recombine video streams server side (like practically all services do) but to only serve as a mux between users, so the server side CPU load is negligible - but if you want to see multiple people at once instead of only the active speaker, your network load increases accordingly (unlike when having the server transcode for you)

Another common tweak is to reduce the maximum resolution: many other systems do that internally and without asking, while Jitsi will apparently try to send off a Full-HD stream over a weak link.

@patrick @mattcropp But doesn't have this bridge, right? They don't want to be processing our video for free.

@mattcropp it's so poorly executed but sometimes i kinda like it in a way?

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