Does anyone have recommendations for a good reliable website hosting service?

The one I'm currently using has gotten pretty flakey, but I want to keep it in the co-op economy...

I did find this one with a quick google search, but want to confirm my choice is reasonable before going through the trouble of a transfer.

@mike_hales @mattcropp We always endorse the #Librehosters - from which Web Architects, @IndieHosters / and can be recommended.

I don't know, but they seem legit, too.

Disclaimer: I'm part of Ecobytes e.V. in Germany and contributing to hosting, where we have the same stuff, similarily flakey at best.

@sl007 @mattcropp while we are not jointly-owned, we pretty much act like a co-op internally. Making big decisions always happens as a group, for example. Legally establishing in real co-cop in Germany is a bit tricky, but we're on it :)

@mattcropp I'm not sure if they're technically a coop (they're a non-profit), but you might like the politics/economics of May First.

@ross @mattcropp
Yes, MayFirst is a coop! As a member, you have a governing voice. MayFirst has regular members meetings, and has also agreed, as a coop, not to forfeit any data to a court subpoena. They provide many Free Software collaboration tools that protect your privacy, and a safe place to host your site. Definitely look into them!

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