admins of loomio (@mattcropp @ntnsndr @wu_lee @fabianhjr) - I noticed loomio have changed their pricing plans a lot ( - does it affect us?

me and @dazinism have been discussing it in matrix channel but we are not loomio admins.

I've been wondering if @richdecibels could help shed some light on where we stand

Also about how many folks who joined our Loomio may no longer use or want to be involved in social coop. How would we even find out?

@nicksellen @mattcropp @ntnsndr @wu_lee @fabianhjr

@dazinism @richdecibels @nicksellen @ntnsndr @wu_lee @fabianhjr

Right now we're grandfathered in on a $5/mo plan that goes up to 300 users. We had been discussing switching to a different, slightly more expensive plan under a previous pricing structure, but since the pricing plan has changed, that conversation has not progressed. Definitely will need to navigate that at least if/when we hit 300 folks on Loomio, and should probably do so beforehand...


Thing is @nicksellen has seen emails Loomio is sending to free plan groups, checked out the new pricing structure & became concerned we would also be moved to the new pricing regime

Bit unclear we'd qualify as Volunteer/ Community- at $1 year per user, 4 times what we pay now

Especially considering
"They do not… generate income"

Would be $1/user/month otherwise
There's 233 on our Loomio
@richdecibels @ntnsndr @wu_lee @fabianhjr


@dazinism @nicksellen @richdecibels @ntnsndr @wu_lee @fabianhjr

For the immediate moment it doesn't, but this is something we should definitely get sorted in the near future. My sense is that we will fall under the volunteer/community category, as my understanding of the boundary is "supported by member payments with no full-time staff", which definitely describes us.

The other thing is the question of if we want to do a member audit and remove inactive peeps, etc., or have an "opt-in" poll?

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