Living in a place where a significant chunk of the economy is tourism-based, got to thinking recently about the role that can play building community wealth and minimizing extraction in tourist economies.

Anyone have a recommendation as to a good introduction to as I proceed further down this :bunny: hole?

@mattcropp Don't have any readings to suggest. Just one tidbit: a group in Japan "Kibou no Tane" (seed of hope) has been organizing tours in partnership with local tourism cooperatives in small towns all over Japan.

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp Is there a link for that group in Japan? I couldn't find anything by searching. They sound really cool!

@amikigu @mattcropp Sadly the address for the NPO seems to be defunct: The person I know from that project is Junko KIKKAWA 桔川純子, who is on Facebook but not very active.

@mattcropp Costa Rica. There must be studies on the Costa Rican tourism economy.

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