Now that is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.

@mattcropp i was in the hospital with a friend last night as his wife's wrist was being pit back together by the surgeons for just such an accident!


@Digital_pigeon Ouch! I took a spill on ice and broke my arm in my early 20s after an ill advised hiking outing with the kids at the group home I worked for right after an ice storm...

Hope they heal up quick!

@mattcropp thanks! Looked at your timeline and missing life in the mountains. Lived in the ADKs for years and did some time in the Greens too. Used to ski the abandoned slopes of Norwich University.

@Digital_pigeon I'm pretty happy with being in this corner of the world, in spite of the winter hunkering down... :)

@mattcropp went to Paul Smith's and had mornings at -40F I'm hip. It did build a special bond between neighbors in Saranac Lake. If you saw someone walking on the road in winter you stopped for them! Nothing like knowing it's warmer on Mars sometimes to keep you looking out for each other...

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