Recorded an interesting conversation tonight w/ Tiffany Lascado, the founder of the Company , which is a of mostly women raising investment to expand into the school graduation market in .

Our chat, in which we discuss the co-op's origins, lei-making, and their hopes for the future can be viewed here:

If you want to chip in, minimum investment is $250, and can be done here (I'm in for $500):

@mattcropp Perhaps I shouldn't even get involved if I can't answer this myself after looking through the documents, but since this isn't just a donation, does my money earn dividends over time, or gain interest, or some other thing? Perhaps this is essentially just a zero-interest loan? And how long do they hold on to investments until the investors can get their money back? I see there are rewards for different levels of commitment, but that's all I could find really.

@amikigu The terms are in the offering document; the vehicle is non-voting preferred shares that have a target dividend of 5% per year that is to be paid prior to any patronage refund to worker owners. So, if there is profit, the investors get the first slice up to that 5% limit.

After 5 years, investors can ask for the co-op to buy back the shares at face value, which the board can do at its discretion if the co-op in in the financial position to do so.

@mattcropp Thanks for explaining all that to an investor-newbie!

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