How are folks managing using more than one mastodon account on desktop?

I'm going to try to start inhabiting the @SocialCoop account in preparation for passing it among the CWG ops team once it is constituted, but the standard mastodon interface seems to support being logged into only one profile at a time without easy toggling.

@mattcropp @SocialCoop I fav'd a toot with several recommendations a few days ago, just found it and boosted. I couldn't find a way to just copy the link for you or anything more direct.

@mattcropp @SocialCoop The mobile apps and some of the desktop apps make it easier to switch between Mastodon accounts. The online UI does not have this built-in tho.

@mattcropp @SocialCoop my accounts are on different instances so I just have a tab open for each instance lol

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