One thing that's kinda fascinating to watch in the birdsite conversations among the latest wave of the masto-curious is the hand-wringing angst over the potential loss of the they've built on Twitter.

This has me thinking that a key tipping point in the victory of the might have a fear-driven component, with such folks worrying that staying too long on a sinking ship will mean having to work harder to re-constitute their social capital on the successor platform.


Interesting idea.

However, that might also be one of the things that makes people suspicious of like Mastodon as it's currently is.

If I remember correctly there has been cases of instances shutting down due to various reasons, and users losing social capital they have built there as a result.

I'm sure we can come up with ways to address these risks.

@mattcropp private Fediverse instances will have similar issues eventually. It's a little more open here since you can forward profiles, but it could still be better. One of the reasons I came here after creating accounts on a couple other instances is that at least here I have a say in how the place is run.

@mattcropp I was musing about this after seeing

My thinking is this sort of thing hurts in different ways; Part of my desire to build tools to help reduce the friction of xfer'ing accounts is that I think it helps people like acegiak a significant amount.

I think targeting network effects by making easy for smaller accounts to xfer implicitly hastens the loss of social capital for bigger accounts. BUT less friction may lower 'sinking ship' fear you discuss? :psyduck:

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