why doesn't social.coop have elections? this seems... undemocratic, to say the least

@gc Right now we operate collectively, so there is no board to elect, which would be the purpose of elections. There's some discussion on a thread in the Governance working group on Loomio about whether or not a standing governing body will be desirable as we scale...

@mattcropp why do you need a board to have elections? there are plenty of things you can elect people to do besides sit on a board lol. my house operates collectively too, but we're having elections for our ~9 officer positions tonight - and afaik, all the housing co-ops in austin elect officers of some sort. sure, my house is only twenty people, not a couple hundred people, but I don't know why that would mean social.coop wouldn't benefit from having elected positions of some kind.


@gc We are in the process of discussing the formation of more formalized "Operations Teams" for each working group, so how those roles are populated seems like a good place to discuss elections.

And, now that I think of it, we did do an election of @Matt_Noyes to a six month term as our rep to the Internet of Ownership Council, and we also did vote in @ntnsndr to the "treasurer" role early on, but it would be useful to have a regular time to review those roles.

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@mattcropp @ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes ok, cool! so we've already been doing one off elections occasionally, that's really good to hear. I definitely think we should start having regular elections, eg every 6 months, for all of the officer positions. the duties of those officers should also be explicit and in the bylaws.

I'll check out the loomio thread in a bit, but some example officers we could use might be:

- the head of each ops team
- treasurer
- membership
- sysadmin
- education/social

@Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @mattcropp my main concern is that certain things only make sense to be done by one person in social.coop, and as of rn, most people in the organization have no idea who does those things, and we have no way to bestow them with that power or take that power away, regardless of whether they abuse their position or just aren't very good at it.

for example: who approves membership applications to social.coop? how did we decide this? what happens if they start accepting nazis?

social.coop operations team governance 

@gc @ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes Here's the decision that passed recently to create the ops team structure, that has been in process for the last few months to create a system with more redundancy and accountability. There's also a link the the discussion thread that provides the context of its structure: loomio.org/p/eoZSHn7p/creation

social.coop operations team governance 

@mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @gc adding to this - as the SC community is a unique blend of collective and cooperative with a strong decentralized vein there has been some pushback to anything resembling centralized power like a β€œboard”.

The Ops Team approach will hopefully add some structure to the key processes while allowing for the amazing experiment in large scale democratic governed volunteer run platform to continue to grow.

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