Any folks around? I have a problem that I need the right words to describe so I can search for solutions.

Say I have a set of nodes ('terminals') and one additional node ('source') in a network. I don't care how the source is connected to the terminals, but I want to minimize the total edge distance. The solution is most likely a hub-and-spoke model (limited to three or fewer tiers)...


Thanks folks, typing that out gave me an idea I need to try. Maybe this is a hierarchical clustering problem followed by a linear programming problem to calculate the new node locations.

I think (🤞) that are the answer. Make a distance matrix of all nodes, then find the shortest path through all of them.

Oooh, this could be combined with raster analysis to calculate shortest weighted distance. Nit for this project, though.

MST was only the beginning. Things are getting interesting now.

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