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"The world’s leaders are correctly fixated on economic growth as the answer to virtually all problems, but they’re pushing with all their might in the wrong direction." Donella Meadows, author of

My latest blog asks how long we have got until the climate change collapses society.

@matslats When TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi reactors were melting down, the government lied with great discipline and persistence. When we could all look up and see the massive cloud of smoke and debris over Manhattan and Brooklyn, the EPA claimed the air was safe. I think you are right that we are seeing the same thing in grand slow motion. How will those in power respond to the crisis? How do they respond to other crises? is the only way for us.

My latest blog asks how long we have got until the climate change collapses society.

I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

Listened to a thing about the fourth industrial revolution, so called.  Driven by things like machine learning, AI, nano materials, biotech, additive manufacturing, sensors and IoT, autonomous vehicles.

I dunno.  I fail to be excited by any of it any more, unless it comes with an explicit intent to improve social wellbeing, not just vague promises of productivity and efficiency, shit going faster for the sake of it.


I'm looking for a developer with CodeX (apparently that's an Apple IDE) who can sign in to the Istore shop and upload an application for community currencies. Hopefully no complications...

@guyjames I made a lot of comments but I like with the basic idea, and sorry I didn't have time to contribute more. BTW I've just put in a LEDGER application as Freedom Coop to build the Credit Commons which will do mutual credit accounting through a REST API

@guyjames it says "FairCredits can also be converted to FairCoin at any time, on the condition of saving them for a period of time." Better to use the word bought/sold than converted because that shows you know who is the buyer. I don't see the use case for converting Faircredit to fair coins because they are both used in the same marketplace.

@guyjames The two examples you give of credit limits being increased are both fully automatic. There needs to be a human process, and a way of dealing with individual cases. We shouldn't try to manage trust through algorithms.

Are there any engineers here. I urgently need to bounce some ideas around.

There is an inverse relationship between imagination and money.
-- Alan Moore

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@clacke I like the idea that if corporate persons are convicted of having done anything that would get a natural person life imprisonment (or death penalty), the business should be put into receivership, while negotiations begin with workers, customers, and suppliers about who wants to take it over as a democratic cooperative. Assuming there's still a business when the bad behaviour they were convicted for stops, that is.

@ntnsndr can I know what work you have done and planned on software for platform coops? Is there a general purpose architecture in the works?

copied from a Telegram channel:
The team behind Human Connection... had a meeting last week with @oceatoon (communecter) and Simon Liedtke ( We would like to collaborate technologically and exchange content between the platforms to benefit from the network effect. Together we want to get familiar and use ActivityPub and eventually implement it. In the end we celebrate a big ActivityPub party together.

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