What's the best payment gateway between Drupal Commerce module to a French bank? My client used Paybox previously but its Drupal module is out of date. Are there any cooperative or ethical options I should consider?

@pzmyers is this talking about antivaxxers? Is the COVID vaccine a mere inconvenience?

Check out "solar punk", "Climate fiction". But the descent will likely be so traumatic and chaotic, compounded by climate change, that there's little point imagining the end. Also see

@syndikalista Very kind though I don't believe we met?
Not sure if you are looking for academic literature, social commentary, or fiction. The most 'realistic' paths to net zero according to IPCC depend on tech that doesn't exist yet, and quantities of rare earths which are probably unmineable. Maybe the dearth of literature reflects these inconvenient truths.

@syndikalista There's no such thing as zero emissions, but there are many possible configurations about how humanity as a whole might emit net zero, ranging from genocide to neopastoralism, fully automated luxury communism and many tech-topias.

China has forgiven 10 billion in debt to Cuba (basically gifts). Meanwhile, US trade embargoes have strangled Cuba to the tune of $130 billion. Also, currently US is currently pushing regime change there.

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"Working towards a future where communities can assemble their own social networks like lego blocks, to cultivate safe and private spaces while being interconnected with the rest of the "fediverse" and the internet at wide on their own terms."
-- we've just updated our new bonfire homepage :)

@olamina @mike_hales
I don't think we can stop facebook from doing anything. It should be possible however to build an alternative payments/ money network that cannot be co-opted. See creditcommons.net

Super article worth reading all of it about Bitcoin (TM), real Bitcoin and reclaiming the narrative epsilontheory.com/in-praise-of

Found online:

"Alpha Male", the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

Do you know and ? Would you like to earn a $1000 bounty for helping us build an aggregator for murmurations.network? Check out this bounty github.com/MurmurationsNetwork

@cy For a definition of The Gift read Marcel Mauss. A system of credit indicates obligation, often legally enforced, to return a specific amount.This is very far from gifting.

What should small US nonprofits be using these days instead of PayPal?

really helpful sensemaking of the pandemic so far and the innappropriate government response. worlddoctorsalliance.com

@cy Then you promise to give something later. The unit of account on the ledger is the record of the difference between what you have received and what you have promised.
Some people call it credit money.

@cy Definitely NOT like a gift economy. Its an exchange system, with a precise unit of value. Instead of minting tokens and pretending they are valuable, members just promise to give as much as they receive.

@cy mutual credit systems another paradigm from blockchain and silver monies. I have much work to educate the public in this largely forgotten/ignored paradigm. Sometimes they are called moneyless systems because the credit members created is only accepted by other members. Hence 'mutual'. Its no microloans because its not money. All members have is the goods and services they produce and their promises.

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