Why do I hate capitalism? 

I'm building some microservices in php and having problems sharing $_SESSION between them.
session.cookie_domain seems to be set. But I'm missing something. Can someone give me a few minutes to diagnose?

Vegan Australia are looking for advice and then a contractor to upgrade their database from txt files + python script.
Does anybody have an hour to talk to them?

Facebook post by Andy Lewhinskylipski:
"This is the "Serve and Protect" sculpture right now in SLC and activists have just turned it into a modern day revolutionary masterpiece"

Super flattering post about my MOOC and how the Open Credit Network hopes to shape the COVID recession medium.com/@dilgreen/the-money

@nicksellen At least that guy specific enough that you can check and decide for yourself. He's giving a lot more fact than theory. Your comment doesn't invite discussion or rebuttal because it is not specific.

@LeoSammallahti @ntnsndr i don't think the original Deli Dollars needed a financial institution. Just cash over the counter.

I enjoyed this article about how we went from market highs to bailouts in 2 weeks flat. northmantrader.com/2020/03/17/

@kyle have faith brother, the Market will ensure that the best protocol will win eventually!

Rad project. @Fairbnb_coop@twitter.com, the co-owned alternative to Airbnb, raised €600K from coop members so they're hiring: backend + mobile devs, design, product manager, social media manager. Based in Bologna.


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