discovered by chance that this platform is back online after what? a year or more of disappearance. Can anybody tell me what happened?

@matslats I do not recall this platform having been offline. When would this have been?

@jotaemei Interesting. Maybe it somehow got blocked in Italy. I realised I didn't even know who to contact about it.

@matslats That's unfortunate. If you'd like to report this issue, I can ask around and see if anyone knows what happened and who you can contact in the future for issues like this.

@jotaemei thanks I suppose it was a one off whatever it was. I was just wandering who runs this instance.

@matslats That has been a hard question for me to find the answer to. It’s believed, I think, that Nathan has been autopaying for years for the server resources. But, we have some people in the committees that may be able to answer some further questions.

@matslats We have working groups or committees. I believe there is a tech one. I don’t really know much about them. The good @flancian recently joined one of them, and may be able to provide some information. Brother Francia, do you know much about the layouts of the committees?

@jotaemei @matslats ahoy there! sorry for the delay and thank you for pinging me to the thread :)

I know a little only about the committees/working groups but I've been learning :) IIUC all of them should be listed in (including potentially some which aren't currently active).

From the active ones, I know mainly of the Community Working Group ( and the Tech Working Group ( There's also Finance and Legal.

@jotaemei @matslats let me know if you have any questions!

And yes, as far as I can tell the instance has been available all throughout the last few years except for some very short hiccups (due to hosting or domain renewal issues) -- as a member of the Tech Working Group I'd be interested in explaining the unavailability you saw :)

@jotaemei @matslats haha thank you my friend! I love that name.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feature requests!

@flancian Nice! Well, the feature request I have is for users to be able to do allow and block lists of external servers on the federated timeline. I thought I read that was available a few times, but I don’t see where it would be. I just see how to filter terms. @matslats

@jotaemei @matslats interesting, thank you! Do you mean you should be able to post something like <domain> and it should just work (tm)? Or you should be able to use a UI option in the Mastodon web interface to block a domain?

@flancian The UI option in settings, though now that you ask, it might be easier to be able to do it through the federated timeline and have that saved in settings. I rarely use Mastodon, since this feature does not exist. @matslats (+)

@flancian I have accounts on multiple servers, as I’d like to see the local timelines in each one of them, but it’s not practical to switch through each account. It would be good to have a global timeline of just those servers. The federated timeline as is now, where server admins decide what other servers are displayed there is not worth viewing, IMO. @matslats

@flancian Really, what’s it’s about is just being able to curate your federated timeline. If we could display in user settings a list of all the server instances that our instance’s administrator permits to be on our federated timeline, and then have user-selectable checkboxes next to those we would like to view, that would be ideal. @matslats

@flancian @jotaemei @matslats @edsu @datatitian @neil This sounds like a feature request for Mastodon. Maybe it could even be implemented in just in the clients where a user just creates a list of servers or even users or both, kinda like lists of Twitter. Then just fetch this whenever it is requested.

@edsu @akshay @datatitian @neil @matslats @flancian Yeah, I believe people have made a request a few times, in order to have a similar functionality but implemented by users being able to create groups of instances that would be in their Local timeline or a new Groups timeline. And I think that was not implemented for technical reasons. I’ve not pitched this alternative, as I felt it could get lumped in with the other one as already conceptually declined. Perhaps, I should though.

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